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  • I you just want to know that there is no unusual distortion from the speakers, then the distortion tab in REW should tell you that.
  • I guess it depends on what information you need. That tab will show the level of distortion and how much is 3rd harmonic, etc, but won't show the frequency spectrum of that distortion if that is what you are interested in. It looks like the RTA w…
  • And if you just do a basic measurement using the fast sweep, one of the analysis tabs shows distortion as a function of frequency.
  • I you have not already, there is lots of help in the REW page on the AVS Forum.
  • That should be fine. I was not using REW at the time and love it now. Before I was using a sweep on a test CD and SignalScope as the RTA. In my case the distortion happened only during a fairly specific frequency range and I would have to pause Si…
  • Those graphs were made with SignalScope on my iPhone.
  • If you ever want to add Atmos speakers in the future, you will want your side and rear surrounds (if any) just above ear level to give separation of the 5.1 or 7.1 bed layer from the height or ceiling Atmos speakers.
  • Just FYI, the 702s are not bipolar, but have only one midrange and tweeter that is angled about 45° from the wall. They will work best slightly behind for 5.1 or slightly ahead of the MLP for 7.1.
  • Having 3 timbre matched vertical speakers up front is the ideal. In my case, I did it with LSiM 705s for L&R and a 703 on my cabinet for the center, with all tweeters at ear height. This does require that your TV or screen be about 7" higher t…
  • Sounds like my input is a bit too late, but if you really want to timbre match a center channel speaker with the 705s, either get another 705, or do as I did and use a 703 for the center. Three vertical speakers across the front in the best sonical…
  • I am driving my 705s with a D-Sonic amp and like it very much. Plenty of power.
  • I use a 703 for my center channel with 705s on the left and right. Three 703s across the front would be awesome.
  • The 705s certainly play loud enough for my purposes, and I live in a large house some distance from the neighbors with a dedicated home theater. Let's see if my signature block now has info. Tried several times, but no luck.
  • The answer to your last question is, yes and no. With music, it depends and only happened when there was fairly strong content in the mid-bass frequency range. Also, this type of harmonic distortion is often done on purpose, e.g. “fuzz” with electr…
  • The top graph is the "bad" left speaker and with a ~250 Hz signal, you can see the harmonics at 500 and 750 Hz are only 20-30 dB down and there is lots of hash at higher frequencies. With the "good" right speaker, bottom, you don't see any obvious …
  • As to the original 705 that I needed to replace, there was very obvious harmonic distortion coming from the mid-bass driver that would stop if you touched it. See attached jpgs for the good right and bad left 705s. Polk replaced the driver, but t…
  • Nothing wrong, just a bit of distortion, that went away with time.
  • I had to replace one of my 705s up front, and for the first couple of weeks, the speaker sounded fine, but somehow made it location a bit more apparent that it should have been. Eventually it blended with the others to form a seamless sound field, …
  • I use 705 for front left and right, a 703 for the center, 4 702 f/x for surrounds and 4 TL3s with Omnimount for on ceiling Atmos. Easy to aim at MLP. The TL3s are small, but have the same tweeter as the LSiMs. They sound fine. I'll upgrade if Po…
  • I have 800wpc, using D-Sonic amps. I am sure I never use anything close to that, but it is nice to know that there is no possibility of clipping.
    in LSi-M705 power Comment by shs June 2018
  • In my case, I wasn't sure that my acoustic ceiling would be a good place to mount my Atmos speakers. By mounting them high on the soffit and pointing them at the MLP I was able to experiment with placement, just like I did with the side surround sp…
  • I have been running LSiM 705s for left and right front, a 703 for center and 4 702 f/Xs for the surrounds. The surrounds were all about 8’ high with the side surrounds located slightly behind the Main Listening Position (MLP) at 120° and the rear su…

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