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  • Here's something similar. I was recently in correspondence with a seller on Ebay, and he was one of those who started getting a bit annoyed when I politely asked questions about shipping, and for specifics. It was one of those, "I pack good" thi…
  • BMF35 wrote: » I had something similar and I fell for it...It's a real shame two CP members have teamed up to pull scams. Awww man, that sucks, dude. I'm pretty sure BMF didn't necessarily mean that two established members have teamed up t…
  • But can we do anything about the Bieber Geese? Where the heck's @mikeyb128 ? I think he's in charge of them. No one seems to want those green cheese curl factories.
  • Hey, is that the guy from Preacher on the right?!? verb wrote: » The Mrs took this pic of Joe, Drew, and I at the show. She hung out mostly at the VIP lounge while we ran around like kids at Halloween!
  • Great share here Marvin. That was a cool little video. Nice job, Skip. marvda1 wrote: » ode to Skip.
  • WLDock wrote: » on the bike for my mind and body This is what it's all about for me, too. Like magic. You can't buy that feeling.
  • Yeah, I second the 256GB / 8GB combo, minimum. I had a bunch written here about the Windows virtualization piece, but we can skip it. It's just a way to run Microsoft Windows on the same computer as macOS. Find out if she needs any specialize…
  • Woah. Do you weld and fab Dave? That thing's cool. Was it comfortable? There was a couple down here at the Oceanfront a few seasons ago one Fall who had these three wheelers that were really low to the ground. Said they used to take them up t…
  • You were probably ridin' harder than I was!
  • I think Al can help you here. Apple wanted desperately to hire him as a subject matter expert after all the research he did not long ago @scubalab Try to get a sense for use, and that will help you narrow down a few choices. Things to consid…
  • stangman67 wrote: » I’ve been to freedom park! Which is where I assume you are. Fallen off many features there I thiiiink this was the front section of a place called New Quarter? that I haven't completely ridden because we didn't have time t…
  • Haven't quite crossed over yet to where you nuthuggers are. Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert on a little obstacle course out in Williamsburg 2009 Gary Fisher x-cal 29r; the most soulful bike I've ever owned. Still my current favorite al…
  • Houseboats - euphemism for container ships and all that entails.
    in HOUSEBOATS Comment by msg April 15
  • I think the plan was to keep this blind and hold observations until everyone demo'd. Quick! There's still time to edit/delete!
  • Jimbo18 wrote: » Wasn't meant to be a question. Not sure how I did that. Weird ad though. I don't think you did, Jim. I've seen a few other people commenting about their posts being set up as questions.
  • But you could probably still get Michael Madsen for the lead.
    in film production Comment by msg April 15
  • Vanilla's busted again. Scratch 'n Sniff feature is down. (I tried it on all devices; Nothing)
  • verb wrote: » msg wrote: » Those of you who are home from the show now, is music ruined for you, or were there enough crappy rooms there that you are still able to enjoy your current gearsets? Not at all! It really exposed me to what’s…
  • Has anyone heard from Drew? Last I read he was seen climbing into one of the Scaena gear travel cases.
  • Have I missed it? Have I missed the battle?
  • Those of you who are home from the show now, is music ruined for you, or were there enough crappy rooms there that you are still able to enjoy your current gearsets?
  • Gstradeski wrote: » I just joined the world of external amplifiers... ...found a good deal on ebay for two adcom gfa 555s. I am using one amp bridged into 600 watts for each speaker. To say the least these speakers lit up in a way I didn't think …
  • Ah, good info, Ivan, thanks. I do wear polarized glasses. I think i got my first pair sometime in the 90s and haven't worn anything else since. For all the benefits, yeah, a few drawbacks here and there. I'll check with insurance and look arou…
  • Nice job, Jody! What do you like for shocks? I like Old Man Emu suspensions for Toyotas. Used to get KYB or Tokico for cars. Used them on stock height trucks too. I don't know what's decent anymore these days. I also need a windshield. Wh…
  • verb wrote: » Dhavel you’re killing me! Are you upgrading? Of course you are! Pray tell! Not until you buy the D1, Dave
  • Sheeze, what a great opportunity to get into records.
  • I've never heard an Adcom. Seems like most of us who own the older amps, be it Adcom, B&K, or Parasound, seem to just roll with them as is without mods, upgrades or refreshes. I've read about a few of the guys getting pleasing results with sig…
  • cortico wrote: » it's funny, once I brought a unit to a repair shop with a bad channel. I noticed the "look" of the technician when I asked him to replicate the work on the good channel too, using the same parts. He had spit his coffee when I men…
  • Nice! Great album by Mazzy Star. That Def Leppard is one of my all time favorites. My copy of the Mazzy Star is garbage. It was one from a known horrible quality press plant, can't remember which, right now. Where'd you find yours? I usually…

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