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  • Just to complete this thread, I have heard back from Polk customer service. They do not repair the Buckle headphones, nor do they have repair parts. Bottom line: Go get another pair of headphones.
  • Hi, I have contacted Polk customer service. My headphones are no longer under warranty, as I got themin 2014, and my headphone manual says they are only under warranty for a year. Thanks for the suggestions, though. Kostas
  • I am looking for the same cable for my SDA-2Bs. In my case, it is pin & blade.
  • I have never been a fan of Monster Cable. I see them as fairly overpriced for no better than hardware store cable. I also have issues with their aggressive legal department (to the extent that they sent a cease and desist letter to a small cable man…
  • Hi, Back with more questions, although I haven't located a Peerless tweeter yet. In regards to the crossover, I have read the part about using Clarity ESA capacitors, and maybe Solen being acceptable in the low pass section. My real question is t…
  • dhart86 wrote: » I have a couple of peerless tweeters sitting in reserve. If the tweeter is busted and needs to be replaced, shoot me a pm Sent what I thought was a private message last week. Did you get it? or did I not do it properly? It…
  • F1nut: Would you care to elaborate? What is the issue with steel wool (0000 is what I had intended to use). Another poster suggested emery cloth, which is far more coarse than the 0000 steel wool. Alternatively, I have some 2000 grit wet/dry sand…
  • Here is the tweeter picture. The tweeter is dusty, so the pinhole in the middle is not as obvious.
  • Tweeters are the ones with the pinhole in the middle, so Peerless. Tonight, I will be cleaning up the fuse holders; one of the speakers had a slow blow fuse, which will be going (I have new 1A fuses). We'll see if the tweeter works after I clean …
  • I will try the fuse idea tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. It may be worth the time and effort to clean up the fuse holder with steel wool, and replace the fuses; they should be cheap enough.
  • Sorry, I will get that soon. I haven't opened up the speakers yet. Thanks for the information about the crossover components.

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