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  • I was afraid Id have to dig into it. And Ive looked everywhere. End of cable, sub, sub box, box I stuffed cables into. Nothing broken in the move otherwise so I came out OK I guess. Where to find a new rca jack?
  • I want that B&K so bad. Gotta get my old house sold first though. If it’s available in a month or two I’ll take it off your hands.
  • Fins need to let Tannehill go and call it a day on that failed experiment. My early prediction for them is a 6-10 or 5-11 type season. It’s painful being a Fins fan....
  • Never too late. And the piano is, in my mind, the easiest of the bunch to learn on. That C key is always a C and always in the same place. No trying to hit the right string on the right fret or any of that business. Enjoy!
  • Never had any issues with my iphone and it has always served me well. Honestly, they all seem about the same to me these days. Take pictures, listen to music, use maps for directions, check email, browse the internet, etc. The differences in came…
  • Was there for work last year and rather enjoyed staying at the Grande Colonial. In case you end up needing another hotel option. If you're good with managing your money, you might consider opening an airline credit card. Delta looks to fly out of…
  • Grimster74 wrote: » jflail2 wrote: » This is outstanding. Did you do most of the work yourself? Is the sweet spot the middle chair in that middle row? Life goals right there. You are correct, I did all the work myself with the help o…
  • This is outstanding. Did you do most of the work yourself? Is the sweet spot the middle chair in that middle row? Life goals right there.
  • Thanks man, much appreciated. Sounds like I'm going to need to wait till tax refund gets here, as I'm going to need a new entertainment system to accommodate both a larger center and an amp. Might as well go big and be done with it.
  • Pondered a larger center, but would need to upgrade my entertainment center as well as there’s no room for a larger center. Are the 9s/ 12s that much more power hungry? I dont have an amp (need to consider a 5x200 investment at some point) but th…
  • Quick follow up here. Are the newer RTi As timbre matched to the old RTis? Ive thought about picking up a pair of Rti A9s and then moving my Rti 10s to the back, but am concerned about them sounding “off” when paired with the csi3 up front and the …
  • Would also buy a pair of 12s and move my 10s to rear duty.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys. In regards to the FXis on stands, I don’t have any tall enough and also have a 120lb mastiff walking around the house with a baseball bat for a tail, so I would expect them to be knocked over on the regular. Sounds l…
  • Thanks gents. Sounds like 600 is gonna be the bottom end then. And agreed, noooo way am I cracking this watch open myself.
  • Joey_V (or anyone else who might know), my Breitling Super Ocean from about 2008 has died. Any loose guestimate on what I might expect for a repair/ tune up to cost? I’ve heard anywhere from 600-1200, which is quite the range, and I don’t know why i…
  • My last purchase was an 06 4runner limited. Incredibly well kept with 87k miles, and got it for 15k out the door. Put a couple grand down, so Ive got about 13k to crush in the next couple years. I refuse to finance anything other than my house for …
  • Thanks Polr. I think they'd move the needle some, but certainly not a more than double increase on salary, and definitely won't be seeing any options/equity bumps. My covered industry has been given minimal love the last few years, so there unfort…
  • Thanks gents! It's a bit nerve wracking, the whole idea of unrooting and starting over. Companies want to put their best foot forward, just like we do, during interviews so who knows how green the grass really is over there. And great point VR, t…
  • Suspect you mean the Chairman, but point remains. Such a shame, the Sears catalog (especially for a military brat) was the be all/end all for Christmas time wish lists!
  • I keep seeing people referring to Sears' value as being primarily their RE assets. Just FYI, they spun off about 240 or so properties into Seritage a couple of years ago. So while there's still some RE in the fold, that spin off limits the value o…
  • Is this one 15" wide and about 12" deep? Interested, but may be too big for my work desk.
  • I have. There appear to be quite a few options, so am curious what the best bang for the buck would be from Schiit, and if there are others that are more highly recommended.
  • These are gone.
  • Bump. Someone can have these for free if they come pick them up. If not they're gonna disappear into the CL ether soon.
  • It is indeed karma pricing. Not around much anymore but you lot are still my favorite audio people. Heading to Richmond next week for a client visit, so could bring with and hand em over there, if someone is in the RIC area
  • My first "real" bike. A Blue Max by Mongoose. They pretty much only sold these on military bases, so the only people I've ever met who had one as a kid were fellow brats.
  • Yea.......no thanks. I'm not paying someone to listen to my every word, when I've got a phone that can do the same searches. Cell phone tracking is bad enough these days (we're exploring buying data on this at work, and the level of detail for eac…
  • To follow up here a few months later, I was on the train to NYC last week and decided I didn't want to listen to music, nor the people around me, so I put these on without the cable connected and turned on the noise cancelling. Turns out it's somet…
  • Ken, while an M series would look lovely in the driveway, I can afford neither the payment nor the upkeep so I'll stick to my used Acura. Thanks Clipdat. So it looks like i could get by with an older receiver, but would benefit more from a decen…
  • Potentially interested. What does it take to drive these properly?

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