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  • Your remote should have a Listening mode, don't select THX as for DTS it only works if the sound source was recorded in DTS, or Dolby D on a DVD movie... Your receiver is THX capable Don't forget THX certification is more than just passing a few TH…
  • Mikey081057 wrote: » 1957 here Best Chevy ever! my favorite Chevy is the 1956
  • monepolk wrote: » 1956 I own a 1956 Oldsmobile 88, born 1947, I should know better but here I am anyways
  • Respect the heat, currently 100F and no relief in sight,
  • have you considered a 3 channel power amp? or a 5 channel if you decide to go to 5 speakers in the future, with a sub you might go over your budget.
  • New? over 15,000 posts
    in Hi Comment by hosedagain May 2013
  • Supposedly, the first is related to the activity of the central nervous system, and the second is the pulsing of the circulatory system. So, it seems that there is no "perfect" silence where humans are concerned? at one time I could hear my heart…
    in Tinnitus Comment by hosedagain May 2013
  • take it into the shower with you and give a good soapy wash, couldn't resist. Maybe the previous owner was a smoker? I would try the fabric softner sheets, or ozone that car detailers us to get rid of smoke smell in cars that has been smoked in
  • don't think you can trap ladies with that...unless there is a pole in the middle somewwhere
  • 2010 Ford Edge 1956 Oldsmobile 88, 4 door sedan, Rocket V8, Auto, power brakes and steering, tinted windows from the factory. front windshield sun visor, rear fender skirts, delux radio.
  • Iam almost there..
  • erniejade wrote: » Dark Side of the Moon side 1. Isnt that one long song? LOL :twisted: My Pick is Ann Murray's, Snowbird, Album ? Ops meant to say Pink Floyd, Money and of course the whole album as mentioned is one long song.
  • neighbors are usually next door, across the street or a few houses down the street, not 2 blocks or 3 miles away...or am I being bamboozled...
  • BlueFox wrote: » True. My mistake for just doing a quick glance, and then making an assumption. To be honest, while I understand the business model, design in USA, manufacture in China, and sell over Internet, I just cannot get a gripe on the …
  • IN...thanks
  • ZLTFUL wrote: » May want to ask JD Power about that. Budget and entry brands like Hyundai, Kia and Scion have been stepping up their game greatly the last few years...so much so that they have surpassed a lot of those "premium" brands in reliabi…
  • gudnoyez wrote: » any one person; it's so rampant Is the above a coordinating conjunction, is that semicolon being used properly? will have to brush up on my Sesame Street episode to get a lesson in grammar, conjunctions, verbs etc...
    in Sigh Comment by hosedagain April 2013
  • treitz3 wrote: » At laset polepe aer'nt tpynig lkie tihs. It cloud be wsroe. You can siltl raed it cna't you? Tom Yup, can still read it. We hvae to reemmber taht smoe of us sapek Eglnish as oru scenod lngauage so garmamr wlil sfufer
    in Sigh Comment by hosedagain April 2013
  • clicker01 wrote: » 1 word. Ohmmeter. can you tell us how to use one, how to read it, what to look for etc
  • bikezappa wrote: » It's a joke. thought it was..
  • maximillian wrote: » If it's done by a plumber, they will want travel time both ways at their "fixing" rate. Then they take their time on the job. So a 1/2 hour job could really be 0.75 to 1 hour total labor and 1.5 hours of driving. Being sl…
  • decal wrote: » I heard from a reputable source that the elusive black paint can only be found at an Area 51 warehouse in the Nevada desert. was there last October, managed to get inside, saw an alien in a glass case with tubes attached to t…
  • BlueFox wrote: » Speaker wire, and all cables, should be replaced every ten years, if not sooner. This is due to electron depletion, and quantum settling on the atomic level, which eventually results in degraded sound quality. Assuming your hear…
  • I am drinking in the sweet nectar of my Mrs..
  • SDA1C wrote: » HAHA You'er funny. It's FT Wentworth. If you did a search yourself you might learn something. Then again...you might not. OK truce, what does the "FT" stand for? Fort?
  • SDA1C wrote: » Do you even know where FT Wentworth is? Not close to what? I-25 goes right through the residential. There are houses in the back ground at 1:09 of the first vid. ops sorry I missed it, thanks for pointing it out, meant to say…
  • SDA1C wrote: » Do you even know where FT Wentworth is? Not close to what? I-25 goes right through the residential. There are houses in the back ground at 1:09 of the first vid. ops sorry I missed it, thanks for pointing it out, meant to say…
  • ZLTFUL wrote: » The same argument can be made for building near any plant that produces fine particle dust. Grain elevators, flour and sugar plants...heck even chocolate powder or coffee creamer can be explosive if airborne ignition occurs. Gr…
  • Something else to think about. I've got an old Philco tube radio, made in 1941. The wire in it is made of good old regular copper, nothing "oxygen free" about it. In fact it's probably less pure than ordinary lamp cord made today. Yet if you cut int…
  • hi jacked from another audio forum A few years ago I found that the speaker cable runs to my main speakers had severely corroded. To the point where when I sectionned them there was very little copper showing in cross-section. For fun I replace o…

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