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  • Fantastic Karma. In with 211+190 = 401
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » LOL that is not a speaker Bud its the dreadnought. It will be screwed to the dreadnought i do believe. My bad after I enlarged the photo it appears those are holes and not screws my bad. On my phone it appears to look like a slot…
  • Awesome. Fantastic deal on a great pair of speakers. Welcome to the Salk family!
  • All that matters is that it sounds good to you. Until you experiment you never know. Glad you found a setup you're enjoying.
  • After the calibration, what do your subwoofer levels come out to for 0 phase and 180 phase? Are they different? When you calibrate it with 180 phase is Audyssey just setting the level lower? If so, just adjust it up. Most people bump up the subw…
  • Every time I heard a snap, crackle or pop at Axpona it made my skin crawl. I’ll stick with digital. Nice review Joe. Enjoy!
  • BlueFox wrote: » Placed an order for a Lumin X1 file player. If in stock I will get it next week. Otherwise within 10 days. Can’t wait. First major piece of gear I have bought since I upgraded my preamp a year ago.…
  • Happy Birthday Tony! Thanks again for the pizza.
  • erniejade wrote: » Outside of sounding great, skips room also looked better then 95% out there i think. I agree. Excellent sounding room. Nice job Skip!
  • Clipdat wrote: » Looks great Skip!
  • lightman1 wrote: » I need a lift from Indiana. Help a brother out! Download Uber App!
  • Clipdat wrote: » erniejade wrote: » For Saturday I have made reservations @ 7PM for Bahama Breeze 406 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173 for 10. Please let me know if I should cancel and we can try for a w…
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » erniejade wrote: » LOL we can find a karoke place for after dinner! I'm out !! I was referring to Bridget knocking out a few bars of opera at the waiting area of Giordano’s last year. The people around us thoug…
  • erniejade wrote: » This year, Bridget has to work this Saturday however, we work at Career Education Corp and it is only 6 minutes away from AXPONA so she will be joining us Saturday night and possibly Friday night for drinks and food. How …
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » Too bad they didn't have a seafood pizza like pizzeria Uno did in years past. That stuff was sooo good. I'm good with eating. Yup. That seafood pizza was outstanding.
  • That pizza was delicioso! I’m good with that. Or anyplace else you recommend.
  • Count me in for Friday and Saturday. I’d prefer not too long of a wait and somewhere we have room for our larger group but anything is fine. What time will you be there on Friday? I’ll probably be there around 3:00.
  • I figured about that. That's a lot of music. I've got quite a way to go to catch up.
  • GlennDog wrote: » DSkip wrote: » marvda1 wrote: » i've liked every speaker i have heard that uses seas drivers. wonder why more speaker manufacturers don't use them. Agreed. Although, personally, they all tend to have extremely sim…
  • How many GB/TB for 40,000 tracks?
  • 15 thousand is a crap load!
  • verb wrote: » Thorton wrote: » indyhawg wrote: » I will be there Saturday. Looking forward to it. Looks like we'll have a decent size group again. See ya Saturday. Well @thorton looks like I'll have the honor of meeting you …
  • ZLTFUL wrote: » We lost all of our home office deductions which sucks because we both work from home 100% of the time. But the tax changes included a change to the home office tax deductions to only apply to self employed. We lost this on…
    in Tax time Comment by Thorton March 29
  • Happy Birthday!!!
  • indyhawg wrote: » I will be there Saturday. Looking forward to it. Looks like we'll have a decent size group again. See ya Saturday.
  • Right now we're about $5K increase from last year. I'll finish tomorrow for the total.
    in Tax time Comment by Thorton March 29
  • I plan to finish ours tomorrow. Not looking pretty so far. Oh well. Me and the wife will have to make a few adjustments this year on how much we're deducting from our pay.
  • [/quote]Brian, try and make reservations at a few different places, if they'll even take them. We can always cancel the ones we don't want. That way we'll have some choices anyway.[/quote] I agree. Last year was crazy especially with a bigger gr…
  • College Basketball. Beer. Tunes. Love it. 1 month left Mr. Fox! Go State!
  • Emlyn wrote: » I placed 227 individual orders with them in 2018 just for myself, some weighing up to 150 lbs. Most of those orders were for multiple items, and Amazon would sometimes send them in separate boxes. Probably more like around 300 box…

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