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  • Last bump before placing it on sale on my social media store page. 2,500.00 shipped no further price drop
  • It sold this weekend I have another on the work bench now though. The other sold for 850.00 Tuner and Integrated.
  • I have this it's a great phono stage and that's a hell of a price someone needs to buy this.
  • Are you still looking for A 1010? Got one in my shop with matching tuner the integrated has been completely recapped and the tuner is realigned.
  • displayname wrote: » Interested, would this just include the stock tubes, or are other tubes possibly included? Stock tubes but I just remembered one detail the stock tubes are unused we swapped in 77's and the two center pre tubes are unus…
  • I want them I am in Tomball .
  • SOLD
  • I use the mapleshade static brush works well for me. It has a ground plug you put into the ground socket on your outlet and the bristles are made out of very thin fine metal.
  • I sell them in my store they are great speakers not too fussy about setup.
  • That one at one time was my personal receiver I refurbished it about 1-1/2 years ago the case was done with automotive paint not a single swirl on it like a mirror. mlistens03 wrote: » That last one is especially gorgeous, and that's saying quit…
  • Get the original vibrapods I sell a lot of turntables and they have never failed me. I had a customer with a micro seiki that would skip if you looked at it he had all but given up on it after installing the vibrapods you could jump next to the tab…
  • I refurbish vintage Marantz it’s good business for my little shop. Here are a few recent offerings. When we first opened they didn’t command the prices they do now. rsg
  • Vibrapods have always done the trick for my customers. Just make sure and order the right ones for your turntable. I have yet to have one customer tell me they didn’t work. Those washer and dryer isolators not so much in my opinion.
  • selling to bay bays kids.
  • Space City Audio 123 Main Street Spring, Tx 77373 halen wrote: » Where is your place in Houston? Thanks in advance
  • Simple solution that usually works buy a butcher block 1”-2” thk. minimum. Buy some vibrapods place buther block on vibrapods and turntable on butcher block. You can also buy a fancy block from mapleshades.
  • Pictures attached original box, manual and remote included unit is in perfect shape remote has very slight wear.
  • Quintet bronze is good. gp4jesus wrote: » How about a cart suggestion for a mid ‘80s Planar 3 - a low output MC?
  • If you need a Polkie price on one of these bad boys hit me up.
  • Not sure but looks like the place is in Indonesia possibly different currency. A dealer will discount them in store but they typically are never on sale. Tony M wrote: » Oh. ..I see. They are on sale on this site I looked at. Could be a mistake …
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • 3100.00 a pair I wish Tony M wrote: » My ears LOVE ribbon tweeters too! I just partly read some reviews of those ProAc D30R speakers and they were Positive. At 3,100.00 a pr. they should sound nice. Those cabinets are 1st class! Tha…
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • They sound very good for the money spent fit and finish are outstanding low level detail is excellent as well as sound stage. Which ones did you try? The D48R and K6, K8 are killer my goal is to get the K6. I had Sonus Elipsa and the K6 absolutely t…
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • Thanks for the input will just sell them off. F1nut wrote: » It would be best to pull a crossover to get the values directly from it. That said, your model was not the best effort by Polk. The later models are much better, so I wouldn't put much …
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • Ok so going to put that in the hat rebuild the crossovers will start searching for a schematic. F1nut wrote: » The original crossover components are shot by now, so you're not getting what they are capable of.
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • F1nut wrote: » A lot less artificial sound. The SDA tweeters creates a phasey effect, which is why Polk got rid of them. I see that makes sense with over processed studio albums I prefer the dimensional tweeter. However I noticed with bette…
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • After taken out the fuse I prefer the dimensional tweeter active. Have I been smoking too much of that funny stuff? What am I suppose to gain by bypassing them?
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • Thanks for the reply sometimes it’s better to hear updated news. Referencing old news sometimes gets you in trouble as bigger and better things are discovered.
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya May 2018
  • Also I didn’t check 100% of the caps just the larger values and these have no poly caps they have the fuses.
    in Polk SDA 1 Comment by Montoya April 2018
  • Moved to Ebay

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