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  • You might be bossing me around now old man! But time and genetics are on my side: I think he could have taken him a month after the top pic was taken, let alone a year later..
  • That Stan Hendryx looks like Dana Carvey doing a creepy nerd.
  • I can't find the pic, but a friend of mine went crazy on the cover of his Charger R/T's 5.7, it was about six colors and he cut some vents into it too. Too much work on a useless item, IMHO.
  • I had a hell of a time getting the engine cover back on both my Charger and Challenger R/T's. I finally left it off the Charger. After I saw how much removing it reduced the heat soaking at stoplights, I took it off the Challenger almost from day on…
  • Nightfall wrote: » Kingrat wrote: » Oh yes, and the pleasure of getting hit in the face with one of those balls. Do go on... I was lucky, before puberty kicked in, I was occasionally a victim of the "big kids" who could really th…
  • Oh yes, and the pleasure of getting hit in the face with one of those balls.
  • Clipdat wrote: » I was terrible at Missile Command but I always played it if it was in the arcade. I worked with a guy in 1979 from Egypt who played Missile Command to the point it was like he was addicted to it. He would come to work e…
  • halo wrote: » Kingrat wrote: » Panther Pink? Thats TorRed. There hasn't been a PP Challenger in a long time. Well, I guess I was fondly remembering the PP color with the TA stripes and the flat black hood from a different time. That’…
  • halo wrote: » I really liked the Octane Red color @nooshinjohn chose for the Demon he ordered as well. I was close to getting an Octane Red one, but I was scared that I would get tired of it, and I never get tired of bright red.
  • verb wrote: » verb wrote: » Clipdat wrote: » How much diamond plate is too much? Never too much! I'll post some more pics of the main workbench at the front of the garage! I did this last year when we first moved in. A bit…
  • Clipdat wrote: » Ordering mods for it before you even have it, that's what I'm talking about! Well, I don't mess around once I've decided to do something. I've got the money to buy it, or put a big chunk down on it, and I know I was buying …
  • Looks like it's goi9ng to be TorRed for me. The yellow one sold 5 minutes after I signed the papers. Almost the same price so it's fine..
  • Panther Pink? Thats TorRed. There hasn't been a PP Challenger in a long time.
  • Looks like this will be my new car. Ordered a catch can for it a few minutes ago.
  • I was kind of shocked when I found out it wasn't a worldwide thing. About the only thing that would have upset me more than being allergic to PB was if I was allergic to burgers.
  • I messed that up at the end, it should have said, and unless the parents "cracked" after I moved back east, they never did.
  • I know. I had neighbors who came from Australia to Las Vegas and the only one who would touch it, regardless of brand, was the younger of their two kids. She loved it and nagged her parents to buy different brands until she hit the right one. After…
  • And Jif peanut butter was another thing that was much wanted, his wife sent 4 jars to him every other week. He got very popular with other US residents.
  • Like McDonalds was when a friend lived in Russia for a year. A lot of weird meat(?) at local run places, but Micky D's tasted just like home.
  • A twin to the first car I bought, a '74 Roadrunner, the only difference was mine had the engine size, 360, on the hood. That car is alive and more than well in the Las Vegas area. It now has a 487" engine and is scary fast.
  • Last time I went on a vacation with everyone in the family was 1971, only my sister and me left now. Had a good time in Chicago.
  • I hope Allstate does right by you. I've had good luck with State Farm, a totally different experience than Allstate. SF has done right by me when I was in 2 accidents, and one was my fault. When I moved from my house to an apartment, I didn't even g…
  • Good luck with Allstate. I said goodbye when they refused to pay after my water heater blew and flooded a bunch of stuff in the basement. Between the furniture, carpet, paneling, the equipment (A couple of old amps and a digital delay), and the 2 s…
  • Why the hell didn't the pic post?
  • Awful looking pic, but here they are. Both look and work like new:
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » No Technics branded tape stuff here, sorry. A "Technics" branded (TEAC OEM) reel to reel deck did pass through once, though, a long time ago. It was a pretty cool deck (no RS-1500, though!)... but not in great shape so I se…
  • I never liked milk much and had to be forced to drink it when I was a kid. I haven't drank any, milk at all in 30+ years, probably closer to 40. I know it's in stuff, and in the ice cream I have about 5 or 6 times a year, but I avoid it in general. …
  • McEwen was the first "big time" racer I saw in person, not at the track, but at an LA area restaurant. My friend got an autograph and we talked to him a little while. I saw him several times after that, the last time when he was running the '57 Chev…
  • He used to stick his whole head into the dog's mouth, and the dog would suck on it until it was soaking wet, then the cat would pull his head out and shake it, then stick it back in over and over again. They were big pals for about 3 years, until th…
  • Bravery. One bite and his head could have been severed.

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