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  • Just need to redo grille cloth and wipe on a little poly and I’ll be done with these suckers! The bipoles sound surprisingly good. Experimented with wiring the crossovers out of phase di-pole) and that did bad things to the sound. I’ll have to se…
    in Building bipoles Comment by JayMX May 19
  • RTA-11T's popping up everywhere. These are nearby, not mine. $150, and “refoamed”... https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/56126630
  • Thanks @DSkip, it’s all good! Fun way to spend some time. Learned on this project that working with MDF and veneer is much easier than solid hardwood. The bipole endcaps are solid oak and I ruined two 1/2” boards getting them right. I built top …
    in Building bipoles Comment by JayMX May 17
  • Getting closer on these. Kinda excited to see how they sound and work out. Concerned that the bi-poles may have more driver than volume. But they’re surrounds so we’ll roll em off a little high
    in Building bipoles Comment by JayMX May 17
  • JayCee wrote: » ...You can use Noico, same affect as Dynamat, and claims to be thicker at 80 mil's. Used it before and ordered a box last night for a pair of 3.1tl's I just picked up. At $22 for a 10 sq ft box it will be plenty. https://www.amazo…
  • @westmassguy thanks! What is your recommended mfg/supplier for the inductor?
  • westmassguy wrote: » Yes What is the improvement with this upgrade?
  • I gave $400 for mine and the RD0198’s were another $100. And I still have cosmetic work to do. I think you’re in the ballpark! Good luck! 👍🏻
  • scubalab wrote: » Room at the Top no question, my fave too! Also, the entire She's the One album/soundtrack is awesome. Angel Dream #4 does fun stuff on the SDA's.
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » Wood shims? Nope, they’re cardboard. I think they’re probably original packaging to protect the bezels... these boxes are like brand new!
  • Ratty SRT's for sale in Salt Lake City - no affiliation https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2127472480621640/
  • xsmi wrote: » Are those dipoles? The Snells I heard were dipoles and just disappeared in the room. They have aluminum rear firing tweeters. They are very transparent. Vifa silks in the front. I’m not letting them go. Much nicer than my B&…
    in Snell E.5mk2 Comment by JayMX April 23
  • I spent a good portion of my Sunday afternoon enjoying them! Very well built. Tight. Great top end. Same Vifa tweeters as my RBH center channel. Love the switches on the crossover that allow for tuning of both top and bottom end response. I th…
    in Snell E.5mk2 Comment by JayMX April 15
  • As a concerned neighbor, I feel that it is important to offer an open invitation for a personal inspection of the installation. Just would hate to have one of those beautiful panels come loose from exposure to low frequencies, etcetera... 😉 Ser…
  • kharp1 wrote: » I have 2 Marantz 1060's if you want to undertake the project of rehabbing. They could be had for the price of shipping. Let’s talk! I have redone two 1060's (cleaning, caps, etc...) built the wood case In my post above. I’m…
  • I blew through it three times today. I like that it’s not quite as “busy” as some of their previous works. Good stuff!
  • I quite like my 7C’s on the ol Marantz 1060 which has been partially recapped. Good stuff! Have fun shopping! I wish I had budget like that for a new amp!
  • Never posted on this thread before, but this was too great not to share... I picked up this little Teac pair A-H500 and PD-H500. What a fantastic and solid little rig! Tons of oomph. Very robust build quality, good looks, and an IR remote! I’m …
  • @pitdogg2 nope. It’s ash veneer.
  • Finally finished with these. Grille cloth has been replaced with the jet black from Speakerworks @Toolfan66 recommended. Great stuff! Was quite a journey. Up for sale. If anyone is interested PM me. Probably not worth it to ship, but I do trav…
  • ddog wrote: » Hey how'd you make out with you DIY wave-guides? Hey that looks perfect! I am slow, currently refinishing a Klipsch rig for my brother's HT. My 3.1's are next. Glad you got a head start and have given me some good inspirati…
    in SDA SRS 3.1TL Comment by JayMX March 17
  • @ddog, these are the rankings from the “tale of five tweeters” sticky thread. I’d pop the 3000's in and see if you like them better... Build Quality 1. RD0198 2. RD0194 3. SL3000 4. SL2500 5. SL1000 6. SL2000 Frequency Response 1. …
    in SDA SRS 3.1TL Comment by JayMX March 17
  • SDA CRS in Boise Idaho- no affiliation... The little Tannoy's are intriguing as well... https://boise.craigslist.org/ele/d/boise-excellent-condition-vintage-stereo/6832895655.html
  • FXi-A6 pair for $125 - no affiliation - are these any good? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/272619920330971/
  • Here you go @DollarDave - don't hold me to the accuracy of the measurements haha. One thing to note, the grilles are made of 1/2" MDF and the factory routed the edges with a 1/2" roundover bit. All of the inner edges and outer sides of the grilles…
  • DollarDave wrote: » Did you get a chance to measure yours up? Ha! I am so sorry! I completely spaced this. I will take some time tonight and make some measurements and send them over! Thank you for the reminder.
  • @FestYboy ...they’re just up the road from me... #nottempting He’s had them listed before. Recently they were at $3500 but now he’s bumped back up to $5K. GLWS 😂
  • Seller just confirmed. They’re LS-50’s. oh well. I was hoping they were the big ones...
  • Now that I look closely, I think you are right @tonyp063 - the perspective in the ad makes them look a little more rectangular than tapered on the sides. That's what what was throwing me off. But the grilles are pretty telling. After looking at o…
  • F1nut wrote: » Not Polk speakers. From the same ad: The grilles reminded me of the LS-50/70/90’s but I’m not as familiar with that family...

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