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  • FestYboy wrote: » H3adshot1981 wrote: » I was at Best buy, maybe something was set up wrong. There's the issue... Likely a combination of factors, one being the SVS was likely ill-placed and if not installed in a room, was trying to com…
  • I was at Best buy, maybe something was set up wrong. Don't get me won't it sounded awesome, but compared to my cheap psw 125 it didn't impress me. That's why I think they screwed up something on their end, because my El cheapo shook me up more than…
  • Thanks for the insight. I do appreciate it. The avr is a heavy beast, and 07 sounds about right. It's when I hooked it up for him. I am going to look into an external amp to add more power to the towers. I tested out the 16" ultra and honestly …
  • I read about an hour of reviews for the the svs, and the SVS pb16 ultra really had me drooling. So I think I am going to start the budgeting for this but it's 3 * more than what I was planning...lol It's 2500 which is more than I was planning, bu…
  • Geoff4rfc wrote: » Welcome to the club!!! And bring on the taters! Not much I can expand on here, other than a second pair of F/XiA6's will work great. I have two pair in my set up and digging it. And I will second Willow on a couple of thin…
  • I have it set to 80htz, as for room size I can only set the linear feet that each speaker is away from the listening area. And two subs will def work.
  • Thanks. I am going to try that!
  • Willow wrote: » If you're happy and you know it don't upgrade...if you're happy and you know it don't upgrade... First off sorry for your loss. Your dad left you with more than a good system, memories of him listening to it! If you're not go…
  • Pitdogg2, opps supposed to be tweeters. Maybe I had Ron White on my mind.
  • Thanks for the replies. My receiver the pioneer elite isn't 1.3a, that was only for Onkyo. I agree 1080p is fine. The Onkyo though has more power and 7.1 compared to 5.1. I was under the impression that that the channels will only ever output …

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