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  • mhardy6647 wrote: » Aussie Ford Falcon, methinks. Indeed. The Police V8 "Interceptor" in Mad Max / The Road Warrior was/is an Australian Ford Falcon. https://madmax.fandom.com/wiki/Ford_Falcon_XB_GT_Coupe_1973_%22V8_Interceptor%22 W…
  • In with 65 please!!!! Awesome Karma!!!
  • Jealous? Of what, exactly?
  • tonyb wrote: » I could use a good guy myself in the Chicago NW burbs. City is just too far. Both my B&k amps have developed a higher pitch on the left channel and run hotter also on that side. My guess is the Bias/DC offset is off. Already …
  • Yup, for the $ame $$$, get the best speaker of the bunch and don't look back.
    in S10 or S15 Comment by halo December 11
  • Looks good!
  • Nagaoka MP-110 MM phono cart https://amazon.com/NAGAOKA-MM-MP-Cartridge-MP-110/dp/B002SDU67Y/ref=asc_df_B002SDU67Y/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312151212938&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12663870373226757043&hvpone=&…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » The original soundtrack 2001 we had (and I still have) sounded pretty lousy, unfortunately. How's your copy sound? It sounds very “quiet.” I have the same orchestral music on other albums and it isn’t so “quiet.” …
  • Schiit mani B-stock is $99 + shipping Very versatile but also easy peasy. http://www.schiit.com/b-stocks Art DJ Pre II is ~ $50. It’s actually a nice unit but the bright blue LED on the front is ridiculous and cannot be turned off (unless y…
  • I remember listening to these albums when I was just a kid...
  • vcwatkins wrote: » Sorry, missed the $100 range. With a 15-day return, I would check out the $129 Schiit Mani. I think all the Schiit gear I've had has been good value. B-stock is $99! 25 units available as of today.
  • Here’s a pretty cool record from the bunch: HiFi/Stereo Review [Model 211] Stereo Test Record For Home and Laboratory Use Extra/ As a demonstration of the highest possible fidelity, this record includes a program of music recorded directly on …
  • jdjohn wrote: » For less than $100, the ART DJPre-II is hard to beat. What is your budget? That's my "backup" phono pre. It's nice but it only handles MM carts. skrol wrote: » How would that Schiit compare to the Parasound Zphono? …
  • SCompRacer wrote: » To reduce static tics, you could look at a dust bug or grounding type dust bug. My old dust bug doesn't have a grounding strap. You would moisten (do not saturate) the bug with distilled water or that Discwasher cleaner. Thi…
    in Rega Planar 2 Comment by halo December 9
  • joecoulson wrote: » @halo did you have other mats before that one? I had a leather deer hyde mat before that. It was supposed to reduce static buildup but I didn’t notice any difference between it and the rubber mat that came with the table…
    in Rega Planar 2 Comment by halo December 8
  • The Schiit Mani is a solid option and it is very reasonably priced with a lot of great reviews behind it. Very flexible too as it can accommodate a wide variety of Mm and MC carts. http://www.schiit.com/products/mani
  • joecoulson wrote: » Even when I have what looks like a perfectly clean record off the okki nokki there are still some big pops and cracks sometimes. Not sure if that’s just lodged in dust or something wrong with the groove. Oh, I was under…
  • @mhardy6647 - Dark Side of the Moon poster:
  • Looks great! How do you like the cork mat? I went with the Way Excellent II turntable mat from Herbie’s Audio lab at the suggestion of @SCompRacer and @ALL212 and I really like it.
    in Rega Planar 2 Comment by halo December 8
  • One of the records in the find is by Harry Belafonte and there’s a lot of distortion when I play it. Pretty much unlistenable. That’s the worst one I’ve listened to so far. I still have about 5 or 6 albums left to clean still. Some of the records ar…
  • Slick looking setup! Enjoy!
  • Here you go: Vitamix 5200 for $299 https://www.amazon.com/Vitamix-Blender-Professional-Grade-Container-Black/dp/B008H4SLV6/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=cnetdeals_nl-20&linkId=c280885615a6de8059473c8b0fc00ca9&language=e…
    in Vitamix Comment by halo December 7
  • GlennDog wrote: » Any referral in Michigan or northern Ohio would be greatly appreciated. I’ve got a couple of older Adcoms that should be recapped before any issues arise Got a good guy in Chicago: anthonyses.com/
  • lightman1 wrote: » I'm back at the warehouse.... Radiohead OK Computer spinning through the Infinity RSb. Yup..... How about a rundown on all the equipment in the photo young man?
  • Congrats guys! Cool karma!
  • $249 shipped. PayPal gift. Polkie price only. Everyone else $275 plus shipping and PayPal.
  • Peachtree DAC*iT is *SOLD* Sonos Connect is still available!
  • Willow wrote: » Once you get passed them I'll give you my address. One you get past them or once you pass by them or once you've passed them? lol
  • DSkip wrote: » 1. You do realize this is a for sale thread, right? Yes, I do. And I mentioned that several times in my response Skip. DSkip wrote: » 2. Companies have different products at different classes. While some brands have sim…
  • dromunds wrote: » motorhead43026 wrote: » MC5/ Back In The USA I bought that album when it came out as a kid and thought at the time that it was a perfect album. I have two vinyl albums (original pressings) of Frank Zappa (& …

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