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  • afterburnt wrote: » @Jstas did you ever eat a blue gill? Yeah, actually. Was fishing with my dad when I was like 11. There was this ole black woman with a lawn chair and a single burner camping stove with a frying pan on it. She was fish…
  • OK, so, like, why is everyone all into bass amps? Why don't they go for other amps? I mean, bass is pretty big to begin with, doesn't need much help being amplified. But, now, bluegill or perch? Yeah, that's good eatin' right there but it t…
  • I honestly thought it started going downhill half way through Peter Capaldi's tenure. It was like they went from being "dark" to trying too hard or going for shock value to be dark. Actually, around the time that Bill Potts became the companion. …
  • I typically get Peet's Major Dickenson's Blend which is pretty good, smooth for a very dark roast. Otherwise, I will go for 100% Kona straight from the plantations on a 3-day shipment. They usually ship the day of or day after roasting. Ordering …
  • Darker roasts actually have less caffeine and higher acidity.
  • Mikey081057 wrote: » Water gets too hot in a percolator no? Not really. Then again, they are from a different time when you had to pay attention to what you were doing. They work by building pressure in the shallow cone on the bottom …
  • Man, I got tired of all the electric deals breaking and getting no help from manufacturers so I went back to one of these: https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/stansport-9-cup-stainless-steel-percolator-coffee-pot-16tnpustnlssstlprcacxx/16tnp…
  • Sears stated that the website was not going to be affected.
  • cfrizz wrote: » I'm sorry, but it's JUST a store, plenty have come and gone and they should have been allowed to die a loooong time ago. That's just life, adapt or die. Just ask Woolworths, Kennedys, Zayres. Stop living in the past wishing for …
  • Feel old yet? Also, wish I had known, would have told you to stop by the new place.
  • Dunno if this has been posted yet but made me laugh.
  • If by "pretty striking" you mean like a 2x4 with a rusty nail in it to the face then I would tend to believe you.
  • I dunno, my Heresys dig deep enough me. They're Heresy II's, though and they have revised crossover and driver designs from the original.
  • My hand built 8W x 2 11BM8 powered tube amp and a set of Klipsch Heresys beg to differ....loudly. Very loudly.
  • What is really ironic is that Sears was the catalog/mail-order king. They were the Amazon of the pre-internet years. But some old fuddy-duddy didn't see the writing on the wall or the potential behind that writing for the King of Catalog Shopp…
  • I'm gonna miss Sears 'cause I won't be able to get expensive Agri-Fab yard/small farm equipment for cut rates just because it says "Craftsman" on the side anymore. I also miss their paint. Sears' Easy Living was made my Sherwin Williams for Sears…
  • Where is the amp grounded? I would check that before I threw away the amp. I've found through my many, many years with car stereos that people will ground stuff, poorly, in the worst places.
  • I have a pair, non-platinums, two blown woofers in the right channel. The motor structure attachment to the back of the flat speaker diaphragm gave up the ghost. Replacements are expensive and hard to come by but I powered mine with Carver Silver…
  • Pfft! That's bullhockey. Says I got the badge in August 2014. Been coming here since some time in like 2001 or so. All these n00bs usurping mah thunder! GIT OFFA MAH LAWN!
  • I don't know where Taco Raceway Park is but your pictures sure look a hell of a lot like Atco Dragway in Atco, NJ.
  • Was this posted yet, 'cause I like it better than the original.
  • The wheels are unique, though. Came on no other Corvette and part of what makes it collectible. Take them off, fine, but don't get rid of them or you'll lose value in the vehicle.
  • pitdogg2 wrote: » rooftop59 wrote: » WTF is a diet beer?!? it's all that stuff where back in the day they would only sell "near beer" on Sundays.....Now they just call it "Lite Beer" and sell it EVERYDAY!!! Near Beer is not Light…
  • This list does not apply to me since I listen to a particular obscure form of Ska comprised of Tibetan throat singers backed by an orchestra of various Kirby vacuum cleaners in galvanized trashcans being played by native chieftains swinging cats at …
  • Heat kills electronics. Worst place to put a TV. Hard pass.
  • Dabutcher wrote: » I remember hearing you had to drop the engine to change spark plugs on a Camaro? Peace. D Fixed that for you.
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » When I was a kid (young teen), my father and I put a small fish pond in my parents' back yard, which they maintained for many years. When we were 'researching' and planning to buy aquatic plants for it, I remember reading th…
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » I like the shaft of sunlight slanting down from the left Totally dumb luck. Picture's not doctored up at all. Just perfect lighting. Taken with my cellphone camera too. That's my back yard, BTW. Everything you can …
  • Well, I got my Cabrio set in like February of 2016 so it's very likely that the offerings on the market changed in a year and a half compared to what I found 2.5 years ago.

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