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  • Now the snow is coming down and I'm tired of these snowman making clowns. winter blows winter blows winter blows. It's so cold the wood decks going pop pop pop, and I just ran out of peppermint schnapps so just letting you all know winter blows win…
  • Sorry guys but what is a lobster roll? They have live lobster at the Local store we splurge on new years, and Red Lobster is right down the road, but I assume that's not the Reds Randy is talking about. I do listen to Nantucket once in a while
    in Reds eats Comment by gudnoyez December 9
  • I like the new Mark Knopfler so much, I'm going to work my way backwards through his solo catalog all the way to Golden Heart. Mark Knopfler-Tracker then Privateering
  • That TT is a beauty enjoy it, let us know how the Tango Spinner is working for you once you get some time with it.
  • Got my LP today delayed as the mail person left a note saying it wont fit in the mailbox. I took the note he left behind went to the post office and retrieved my LP today. Its clean as can be, no need to clean it myself. Going to spin it in a bit th…
  • Got it love it, been in the truck for over a week. I agree another well recorded, offering from Mr Knopfler. I like it the best from all the 2018 releases so far.
  • mhardy6647 wrote: » Folks I went to college with used to clean pot using an open copy of History of Eric Clapton. Wait. What? Oh. Better than the EC album cover Cleaning pots. Here, you might wanna read this: http://a…
  • I thought dro got the Yes Album, not Fragile, oh well I was snoozing. Payment sent for the others thanks.
  • I got a package the other day stuffed in a snowbank on the other side of the fence instead of opening the gate and placing it on the deck. Typical UPS.
  • We just got a Costco in town and that's the first thing the wife wanted was a big bottle of thier olive oil and a big ol tub of coconut oil.
  • You snooze you loose so they say, that being said I will take the Yes Fragile 5.1 Steven Wilson mix, the Beatles Love, and that Dream Theater. Thanks.
  • I run the Vincent SA-T1 preamp and have the PHO-700 phono in my 2 channel I like the Vincent Brand. I'm sure the OP would be happy adding that SP-331 to his system
  • The Krell, the Triangle Art, and now the Carver. What are you replacing all these goodies with once they sell? Scumbags everywhere nowadays, glad you got another predicament straightened out.
  • verb wrote: » New Boz Scaggs! This guy's still got it! Love it! Verb likes this and so do I. I earlier mentioned how I thought Mark Knopfler's new one was my favorite of 2018 well after seeing his post on this I might have to declar…
  • We were in need of a mini sound bar for the spare room for our spare Sony Bravia and It was between the Polk Magnifi Mini or the Sony HT-MT300. I wanted to take advantage of the Cyber week sales at Best Buy. So last night we went and checked out …
  • I like hitting the Estate sales, found some stuff worthy of buying Albums, CD'S not so much stereo items most are not worth buying seen lots of mid 80s all in one systems with racks from the likes of Pioneer, Kenwood, Technics. I did miss out on som…
  • Larry this showed up probably last night as when I woke up their was this long thin box that the UPS person must of reached over the fence and stuck it in a snowbank. This is a beauty love it, thanks again it's either going above the A9s where Sa…
  • dromunds wrote: » George Harrison died this date 2001. Hard to believe it was that long ago. It is hard to believe it was that long ago, if I recall I had just got Brainwashed a few days prior to Georges passing, I played his stuff for wee…
  • At no point did I call your baby ugly or dis the Topping D10. I agree with your findings a good shootout with the Carbon winning and enhancing your listening pleasure. I'm sorry if you thought my initial post was to judge the D10 it was not meant to…
  • Totally agree a great way to discern differences in sound I have a box full of different cables, it's a crazy hobby we are all looking to experiment and find that product that suits your needs. It's also the best bang for the buck, its always fun to…
  • $170 for a cable on a $90 Dac? I'm not saying that the Carbon wont make a difference, I'm sure it does, im just not understanding the cost ratio from cable to Dac. I have the Choclate AQ's 2 of them in HDMI and I'm quite pleased with them.
  • Easy Runnin wrote: » Yes I have. They said remotes are not covered under warranty and they provided a link to their web site where I can buy another one. That’s not what I expected based on their reputation. I would not of expected that re…
  • I will take the Kingston Trio
  • I'm pretty sure Oppo will take care of it for you, have you contacted them yet?
  • I have heard from many forum members here, and other forums that the 2.3tl's were considered the cream of the crop.
  • Supersonic Blues Machine-Califorisoul Waiting for the Vinyl amazon music will do until then.
  • The digital ones, most anyways are made in China. I wouldn't pay to much for a digital one. I prefer my Clearaudio manual one it's just as accurate and dont let you down when your digital one's batteries are dead when you go to use it.
  • Gary Hoey-Dust & Bones Amazon had buy one LP get the other at 25% So until the Vinyl shows up the digital copy that is on my amazon music will have to do.
  • So how is it? Hope you enjoyed your Sheep Shagger ice cold. I will have to look for this on my next beer run (Not) unless of course you recommend it.
  • Indy was close by two but it appears Rooftop was off by one congrats enjoy PM in route

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