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Has anybody heard the new idmax v3? Ive never heard an idmax sub before but i hear a lot about them, do they give hard hitting low end boom or is it an SQ sub? Are they worth the money?
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    they are an incredible sub.. very low extension and they get loud/handle some power. Most like the ported enclosure for them..but sealed still delivers gret low end extensions. got to give them some get them going
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    I thought I smelled greatness...

    I own two IDmax V2's -- and i absolutely love them. They are the first subwoofers I have been able to have in any vehicle and feel that I do not need anything more, I do not envy my friends, I do not with it was louder, I am just -- perfect.

    I steadily put 1350-ish rms on each of my two... I had more like 1500 on them and the one was fine with it -- the other crapped the bed (not the sub's fault - it was an isolated case - a few older maxes were made with a non-compliant surround, which screwed up the linearity of the sub - and it got misaligned inside - sent it back, they rebuilt it like new with a correct surround in 2 wks).

    anywho -- i noticed that while the one was gone, i had full power on the other (the 1500) and it was clearer than two -- it was more defined, a little nicer sounding, but no where near as loud... now with two and about 1350 each i'm finding that the slight decrease in power has reduced what must have been cancellation, and they sound absolutely amazing, beautiful, and LOUD AS HELL.

    keep in mind now i'm running these in sealed boxes - 1.43 cubic feet each sub... and outlaw on the armrest between the passenger and driver seat - i hit 150.4 db's in an X cab pickup.

    ported, these subs can do much better numbers, however i would not reccomend burping hte V2's.... the V3's however, go right ahead.

    the V3 is a vast improvement on what was already - in my eyes - a near perfect sub.

    the V3 incorporates better cooling properties, a stronger cone, an improved spider, and new voice coils -- when i asked matt at ID why they did such a radical redesign, and was "something wrong w/ the sub?" -- his response was that there was absolutely nothing wrong w/ the V2, they just wanted to keep pushing the limits of speaker design and continue to build the best speaker they possibly could... the V2 was good - the V3 is much better.

    I've yet to have the pleasure of hearing a V3, but according to several people, it hits the higher frequencies (75-100 hertz) better than the V2 which is commonly crossed over at 70-75 hertz, and while the RMS of the V3 is (just like the V2) underrated at 1000 w, it'll do 1400 or so just like the V2 did -- the plus however, is that due to even better construtcion, it's max wattage is up a little bit, and its much much much better for SPL use, and will take much more of a beating --- and its rebuldiable -- instead of 2 week repairs for speakers damaged in brutal SPL use, its down to like 3 days.

    anywho -- i stand by it with my life -- it's not going to out SPL an L7, but its damn well gonna sound 1000000 times better. better SQ than the TI and probably the same spl capabilities.
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    Wow sounds like an amazing sub, looks like ive got a tough decision ahead of me. Thanks for the info!
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