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I currently own 2 gnx124's, I came across some 2- JL 12w3 v1's. The weak link in my system is my sub amp it's a Jenson that claims to put out 200w RMS x 2 bridged into a 4ohm load. I know this is a Polk forum but I was looking for some honest opinions. Would the 12w3's hit harder with my current amp??? The sensitivity on the gnx124's 93db, the 12w3's 87.2 db I think. What do you think?:confused:
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    you'd be better off upgrading your amp ... you will find a better amp can make all the diff. Do that..and if your not happy...upgrade the subs. putting the JL's on that amp..really wont make that much diff.. pwer is pwer...
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    *scratches head* -- well... if the JL's are ~87 db / and the GNX are ~93 db --- obviously the JL will be QUIETER... significantly so...

    10 db's is about a "double" audible difference -- 6 is about half of double... so you can say the GNX's off ~200 watts are 1.5 times as loud as the JL w3's off ~200 w...

    but maybe the JL's sound better... i dunno -- i'm no fan of JL is any respect whatsoever... no one with any desire to have their equipment last more than 6 months is.
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