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Who out there has heard 2 12" GXR12's in a 1.25 Cu. (per sub) Inch sealed enclosure powered to the reccomended max specs? Or just anything about the GXR12 at all..

Lookin for feedback on the sound quality and performance of these subs :) I'm yet to be able to use my recently purchased pair of these subs because of a conflict with an eBay store not wanting to send me my box (with above specs) :( Maybe some comments on it will keep me from going insane from not being able to use them...:D Its sure hard to find reviews/comments on some products out there and who better than fellow members of this awesome club.:cool:
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  • Todd Hentrup
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    If you go to Polk Audio's website and click on their subwoofers,
    then choose the sub of your choice, it will then give you an option
    to read the feedback for that model sub.
    Polk Rules. I have just purchased 2-GXR10 subs.
    I have yet to put them in boxes and hook them up to my system.
    When I do I will put something in this forum for you. 1-2 weeks.
  • sntnsupermen131
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    your local best buy/circuit city might have those subs so you can listen to them yourself
  • boominnjoe
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    I own a pair of polk audio GXR 12's my self and they are one of the better subs i have owned. i have a cheap **** jensen running them temporarly,but even with that they hit hard and are very clear. i am going to purchase a second pair along with a better amp in a few you cant beat the price.
  • Crankbait
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    Well,I just got my gxr's hooked up this weekend to a jbl 300.1(150 rms to each) and each in a 1.08cubic feet truck box with a half pound of poly fill in each and let me tell you im impressed. Dont plan on winnin any competitions but they sound better than my old kicker comps.Ive listened to every type of music except jazz and classical and theyve sounded great.The bass is very deep and clear.Pound pretty hard especially for the price crutchfeild had em for.The store who did my install only carries jl audio and memphis and the guy who installed was impressed too.I just wish now i could get the momo's.If these subs last im always runnin polk from now on.
  • boominnjoe
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    CRANKBAIT........right on dude they are kick **** subs, right? i strongly recommend these to anyone who asks. and like you stated you cant beat the price,......definitely get the boom for the buck. i am glad to hear that you like them. :D:D:D
  • mbdyer12
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    Ohh, I got my system fully installed with a Profile 400M amp (700x1 @ 2 ohms / 320x1 rms @ 2 ohms, nearly perfect specs for them) with the subs. For $240 I got the amp, subs, and box (1.25cu ft 3/4" mdf), there was no way I could beat that price. It sounds great, very great actually. It goes deep, sounds very clean, and is pretty loud for my tastes. I'd reccomend them for anyone on a budget, or just wanting some clean, loud bass without going all out.. Very nice, just plain nice.
    2005 Subaru Impreza WRX
  • souljurn
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    Hey Mbdyer12
    i have that same amp. the Profile Ca400m(200 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms 320 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms and i have them wired parallel for two ohms). but instead of the GX i got two GNX124 subs.(buy one get the other free from crutchfield)i have them both in a q-logic 1.25 sealed box in the trunk of a ford escape '02. i havent broken them in yet so i cant play them very loud but at the volume they are they sound loud, clear and accurate. the only question i have is if the amp is enough for the two of them to make them pound and sound loud after the break in.

    p.s. i also got the Ex368 speakers and im running them with a Profile Cl440. after installing them with the amp. and the factory receiver i noticed that when i pan the speakers to the front the ones on that back sound, not loud but you can hear them. and when you pan the speakers to the back the same thing happens.
    is that normall or not?
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