dirty white speaker grills...

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Could anyone suggest how to clean white speaker grills?
My LS-fx's are white and their speaker grills have turned greyish after 7 years... I guess I'd better stay away from bleaching them...
Some detergent maybe?
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    I don't know how those grills are put together... but I have a pair of white M2s. The grills are perforated metal covered with cloth. I've found that a very mild soap/detergent solution and a soft toothbrush ... or a bit of upholstery/carpet cleaner, also with some sort of soft brush, does a pretty good job. If you press the cloth between soft towels when you're done it will help pick up a lot of the moisture. If they are really dirty or stained, you might try a little Resolve.

    I've done the process a few times over the years. It.. and age.. have caused the cloth to lift up from the edge of the metal grill a little bit.. and I have to be careful installing them to make sure the material doesn't get folded back (the M2 grill edges slide into a crack all the way around).. but I take those grills off so rarely that it hasn't been a problem.

    We have one M2 in the kitchen and it is ready for a cleaning now... the above process is what I'll use.

    Don't expect it to come back to sparkling white, but I think you'll notice the difference easily.
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    Try a solution of hydrogen peroxide, or OxyClean (same thing). Should be able to simply soak them in the solution, rince and dry.
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    I'm thinking if that don't work,get some new white grill cloth and redue em.Fresh new look like new
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