Minimum spec box for DB 12" sub (DVC)

Bryan M
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I have a 12" DB sub, and need to know what the min size box I could run it in (sealed) that would sound good.
I am going to use it for an SQ setup, so do not need the loudest box in the world,but I would need it to be accurate.

I have around 18L to put the box in, and the recommended spec is 24.92L.

Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Jethro
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    Going with a box that small will likely over-emphasize the upper bass frequencies while limiting low frequency performance. It will handle a ton of power mechanically in that small of a box, but at the expense of reduced efficiency. Polyfill, a parametric EQ and a lot of power can help... but I think it would be wise to choose a sub better suited for the enclosure in the first place.

    What is your budget for a sub, and what amp are you going to be running?
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  • Bryan M
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    Thanks for that. I wrote to the Polk dudes and they said not to go smaller than 24.9L.
    I will make a plan and get the few extra Litres then :)

    I allready have the 2 x 12" Polk DB's, and will be running them off a Phoenix Gold X200.4 :)

  • MacLeod
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    Id try to make it as big as possible. I havent got a clue how big 18 liters is and Im too lazy to find a converter online somewhere so Ill just say this.

    Consider using 1/2" birch plywood instead of the standard 3/4" MDF. Birch plywood is more expensive than MDF but its also an assload stronger and so you can use thinner pieces. Thinner pieces means more interior air space inside but taking up the same room outside.

    Also, you can use pollyfill to help add some inside volume so you can go smaller than recommended but try to get as big as you can. Even with the smaller box you can still make it work. Youll probably have a pretty good size response hump around 40 or 50 Hz but you can tune around it. My first year competing in SQ I ran a Momo 10 in a .55 ft3 box when it needed a .66 ft3. I had to tune on it to get it right but it never gave me any problems and I always thought it sounded pretty good.
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  • Bryan M
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    thanks for that dude, appreciate the answer.

    I can actually make it to the spec, but will just have to come out a few more cm's than I wished.
    I may go fiberglass at the back, instead of just a plain square box, and this will give me the few liters more I need.

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