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has anybody else heard about this? i read that the first 500 customers at best buy on friday morning get one of these for free.

joe :D
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    According to the Digital Bits , 20th Century Fox will be giving a free promotional DVD at Best Buy stores, starting first thing on the morning of Friday, November 23rd. The DVD is reported to contain samples of video and sound quality, as well as special feature demonstrations, from over 20 popular Fox DVD titles. You get demos of audio and text commentary, deleted scenes, documentaries and vignettes, even Easter eggs. There's a piece on film restoration and a sample of other interactive features as well. You also get a THX Optimizer, the THX "Cavalcade" and "Tex" trailers, and the trailer for Fox's upcoming Ice Age. The Digital Bits even contributed content to the disc as well, for a section called DVD for Beginners. They took their popular Ultimate Guide to Anamorphic DVD and created a slimed-down version that works in menu page format.

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    I have two of them since Thanksgiving, I have not try to watch them yet, there are some 15% off and 3 dollars off coupons (for Fox DVD movies)incl with these discs.
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