Apocalypse Now Redux

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Just wondering if anyone has seen the dvd/movie AP....updated version? I haven't opened my copy yet but will when i get a chance . I have asked a few of my co- workers opinion and most of them say's it's was pretty good but they only seen the original, they also said in way that the movie was kinda different/weird

by the way i also picked up the copy of Dec issue of Sound&Vision and they had a test report on the Polk Audio DS7200 home theatre system...starting on pg 70.

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    my grandfather picked up redux on wednesday, and he seems to be pretty pleased with it. he said it's a good bit longer than the original, but that coppola really added alot to the movie. hopefully i'll get the chance to sit down and watch it with him later this week.

    joe :D
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    thank's m for your reply.....I haven't watched it yet myself, the other half (wife) likes only comedy/cartoon type movies....so i got stuck watching the new emperors groove last night and fell asleep but when i get the chance i will sit back and watch it alone with me and my polks!

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    This movie doesn't reflect my Vietnam experience but it does revive the place and time. I really want to see the expanded version. Great soundtrack. My whole life is accompanied by music. The right songs in a movie make all the difference.
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