Subwoofer Driver Replacement

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How does one know when to replace a subwoofer driver? What I mean by this is if you have a sub that plays low and has no physical anomolies does the driver still wear out over time. I have a 15 yr. M&K that plays fine but am considering replacing the driver because of age. I find that playing deep notes the rubber surround begins to make noise but if I put a finger on the surround it seems to go away. What would cause this? or is it just limitations of the sub or age?
Any info would be appreciated!
Also, I am told that I should replace the driver with another M&K driver of same type! Is this true or could I use others?
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    If I were to replace a driver, I'd do it with one from the manufacturer.

    All components loosen over time. Subwoofers are notorious for this. Tighten everything back down. After 15 yrs you may need to use a little wood putty or a toothpick. Magnets do loose their flux over time, but I don't think this is your problem.

    Good luck!
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