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I have a pair of SRS 2.3 speakers with an Adcom 200w, 2 channel amp. Would like some suggestions on adding speakers/amps to this combination to make it a "home theatre" compatible system.
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    First off welcome to the Club. You might get more input if you post separate questions in the "Speakers" and "Electronics" sections, but here's a couple thoughts to kick things off...

    For electronics, if you like your Adcom take a look at ebay. There's a couple of 7400's listed right now that will get you ready to go. At only 100 wpc, they're a step back, but driving 5 ch's volume should not be a problem. This is especially true with the addition of a sub, which your existing Adcom could drive nicely. The 7400 will likely be a more economical approach than adding two more 2 ch amps.

    Obviously if you go with a stand alone amp you'll need an AVP. Again good discussion on options in the Electronics threads. Rotel has a good club rep.

    As for speakers Polks are the obvious choice. Matching tweeters gets varying level of endorsement here. If you subscribe to the need to do so, it means avoiding the current "i" series and going for older models. Check the Polk past product archive for options.
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  • Glen NakamotoGlen Nakamoto Posts: 2
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    Thanks. That's a great suggestion to buy used on ebay.
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    Those Monitor 7's on their from Har_Navalta would be nice surrounds eh? 140.00 is a steal. A little large but sweet :)
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