General questions on port noise

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I was sitting here listening to the explosion at the beginning of Star Wars AOTC, and wondered... how does one recognize port noise? I don't hear anything odd at all... I don't believe I've pushed this sub hard enough yet to even know if it could be a problem... just sort of realized I'm not sure I'd know what I was listening to even if I did have it. Is it a whistling? A chug-chug?
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    My best guess would be a woooshing sound but I don't think I have ever directly heard it myself. again just a guess.

    sounds like your haven some fun over there!

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    It sounds like farting, but at 20hz (ouch :eek: ). Sounds like a lot of puffing sounds in rapid succession (from what I've heard, the higher the frequency, the quicker the the puffing noises are)
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    But then one has to realize that talking about sound is like figure skating about Messopotamian history, so the only way to know for sure is to hear it for yourself. Play some retardedly low test tones and crank it.
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    Port noise can sometimes sound like rasping and has fooled more than one person into thinking the driver was blown. Yeah can sound like sharp farts also. Not those deep, low farts but the... OH you know I shouldn't being going there...

    It is easier to hear port noise if you disconnect your main speakers and listen to the sub all by itself. Under normal conditions the main speakers mask port noise and just add to the overall level of distortion without being heard as a distinct noise.
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    what about if your sub is attached to your mains. ie the rti100s?