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Looking for advice regarding a stereo preamp. The speakers are SDA SRS 1.2. I can use an Adcom GFP 555 or a mint Heathkit AA-1800 for the power amp. I need the preamp to have a excellent tuner and a basic remote control, phone input optional. I would love to try a tube model preamp but don't know of any with a tuner and remote. I am considering a B&K pt3 or pt5. I could spend $500.00 for a new or used model. Any advice for this stereo only future set-up would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you are really looking for a good tuner, I would ebay a stand alone model and hook it up to a seperate preamp.
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    Hey Bike,

    I purchased a B&K PT5 this past week. It is a very well built unit and for its relatively small size (depth is not that long) it is heavy at 10 lbs. The PT5 has variable output gains on it. It also allows full range for your mains or filtered outputs at 80 hz with a sub output if you decide to get a sub later on. Since I run my LSis with a sub this was a great option for me and that's why I ran with it.

    I was also considering the NAD C160 but when I came across the B&K at a fantastic price with full 5 year manufacturer warranty I couldn't pass it up. I got the silver unit which looks fantastic.

    I haven't played around with the tuner too much but it is better than most receivers that I have owned here recently. Seems like tuners are being comprimised in most of the receivers being built as of late. The PT5 has an IHF sensitivity of 12 dbf which is a respectable number. I have seen stand alone tuners (older models that got into the 8's though; I think Marantz comes to mind). I comes with the cheap "rabbit ear" antenna but I have no problems catching New Orleans radio stations about 20 miles away from where I live.

    I was using my Yamaha's preouts to run my power amp and since I hooked up the PT5 and disconnected the Yammer from my mains it has "lifted the veil" on my system. It improved the sound I would say 30 - 40%. Very noticeable indeed.

    The PT5 is very neutral sounding to me especially on the LSis. The Yamaha preouts sounded a little more "forward".

    My only slight gripe about the PT5 is the volume knob on the unit. It is very sensitive (jumps around a little) and can only be adjusted in 2 db increments. I tend to prefer a "stiffer" to turn volume knob like my Yammer has. Its not too bad though. I usually use the remote control to adjust the volume and it works fine.

    I consider the PT5 a "mid-fi" preamp as one can spend easily in the thousands for hi-end B&K, Anthem, Lexicon, etc. preamps. But for my current needs and budget it sounds great and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    For the price you pay, its hard to beat; and if all of this hasn't convinced you yet, just take a look, a picture is worth a thousand words.
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