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Hi All,

I only just joined the forum, so hi to every one. I live in South Africa and am busy kitting my car out with polk audio equiment. I will be using the polk 400.4 amp to power my polk momo 5.25 mids and tweeters and the pok momo 500.1 to powere my SR10 Sub. I need some assistance with the mounting of the sub. Seeing as the sub has a great basket I've decide to mount the sub inverted (firing into the box with the basket exposed) as illustrated in the SR whit pages. However ive noticed that the rubber on the circumference of the face of the sub fits snug against the cut out on the box. ive meade the cut out as big as possible but the rubber still makes contact on the box. Is that safe? Will it not damage the sub?

Thanking you in advance...
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    Welcome to the Club!

    Yes it will damage the sub. The surround flexes with the sub and if its rubbing against wood, itll be shredded in no time. IMO, youll be better off mounting it the right way.
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