Santoprene and Freezing Temps

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Hello from a Newbie...

I have a db212-2 (and other subs w/Santoprene surrounds). According to some searches, Santoprene apparently doesn't crack at temps well below zero. Currently it's below freezing in Minnesota.

Q: Is it hard on a sub to play it at low temps like this?

Thanks for any help,

Da Hack
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    I may be in Iowa now but I'm from north western Minnesota. The temp on Monday this week in the morning was -25 in my home town. Santoprene and Butyl surrounds both hold up well. The fiber type used by pioneer holds up well too. Foam surrounds like on many MA or JL subs commonly crack if played hard below zero without warming them up. The spiders on you speakers may be a little stiffer than normal when cold too.
    As far as will you hurt you equipment to play it loud below zero? In most cases no but they were designed to work best at room temp so its best to warm stuff up first.
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