Recommendation for subwoofer settings

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Greetings. I know this topic is covered quite a bit but I am looking for a little help. I currently have a Sony STRDA2ES receiver with Polk RT800's and an Infinity BU-2 sub. I cannot seem to find a good setting that satifies me when it comes to the high pass filter on the receiver and the cuttoff on the back of the sub. I currently have the sub freq turned all the way up and I have the receivers high cut filter set at 80hz. I am using the receivers LFE output. Can anyone tell me if the way I have this setup sounds correct? (I know it's not the "Polk Way") I have the sub in the right corner of my room behind my right speaker. I do get quite a bit of bass but I can't seem to find a nice blend of both mids and bass. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Looks like you have things setup right. Are you able to play around with sub placement in your room ? I moved my PSW-550 a 2 or 3 times before I found a spot that sounded best.
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    I have the same receiver, freq cutoff I use is 100hz. Works for me, but I have my sub out of the corner. Yes you will get alot of bass in that corner, but it should be sounding "boomy" or "muddy" that may be whats affecting your ears. Not joking either. Make sure your sub volume isnt over powering the 800's.

    I agree with J, move your sub around. Try that.
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