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Hi, I've got a set of RTi70's and got the PSW202 Subwoofer as part of the deal. Currently I am using a friend's Technics Stereo Intergrated Amp. As normal there is only 2 speaker connections, I've got the RTi70's hooked up to them and don't know what to do with the subwoofer hook-up. Can someone help me?

Main System:
Denon AVR-2805, Polk Audio RTi70's, Polk Audio CSi40, Polk Audio FXi50, Paradigm PW-2200 v.2, Toshiba 42XV545U HDTV

Second System:
Denon AVR-1705, Polk Audio R40, Polk Audio CS245i, Polk Audio R15, Paradigm PS-1200a
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    Really, not to be rude. Search subwoofer hook up at the bottum of this page. You will find MANY MANY results
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    Mx you're so rude! :lol:
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    If you have no sub out and no line level out, then run the sub on a speaker level connection and then route back to the 70's. I don't think that sub will contribute much to the listening experience, though. The 70's have about the same bass capability, maybe even better.
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