How much power for MM 8's?

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I have ALOT of power available for subs and I am in need of four 8's. I was thinking of the MM 8's, but I need to know how much power they can actually handle in the real world. I'm sure that 200 watts per sub is safe, but will they handle more? Power will be coming from a DD Audio M3...about 2400 watts at 1 ohm. I was thinking of buying four DVC 8's, wiring each sub in series and then parallel all four for a 2 ohm load so that I'm not way over their rated power.
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    That is a whopper of an amp and can easily fry those subs but they can handle that amp so long as you use common sense with the gain and volume settings.

    A 2400 watt amp wont be making 2400 watts all the time. Like your car may be capable of 120 mph but chances are it wont be doing much more than 65 most of the time.

    Have you thought of going with something more like a pair of Momo 12's? That would be about 600 watts to each sub and it would be much less likely to overpower them.
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    I'm feeding 340wrms bridged into a single momo 8 and no problems so far even at max volume playing trance. ;)
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    I am thinking about ordering six of the MM 8's from Crutchfield since they have free shipping and buy 1 get 1/2 off the second one. I'm currently trying to decide how to load the amp for a good power/THD ratio.
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