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Does any one know if you can still get a new one of these? Polk audio C4 enclosure with 4 6x9's? Thanks
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  • wcj56wcj56 Posts: 18
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    there is one on Ebay right now!
  • dinodino Regional Sales Manager Posts: 2
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    I know of an authorized Polk Audio dealer that currently has two of the Polk C4's in stock. (I visited them on July 7th.) One is on display in his sound room. The name of the dealer is Sound Idea. They are located on Pioneer Parkway in Arlington, TX. I do not recall seeing a price on it. They even had the ad that Polk had in the magazines with the C4 and the firey background in a frame beside the C4. I am sure that Polk's customer service department can get you their phone number.
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