DFW Area Polkies - VM30 Demo 10/14

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This Sunday, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, at my house in McKinney Texas will be an open demo of the new VM-30 Loudspeakers. Local Dallas area Polk members are welcomed to attend and get you hands and ears on the new line arrays from Polk. Ie, a PROPER demo.


RSVP in this thread, so I know who is coming. PM me for address / directions / phone info.

You can also sign up in the thread linked below to demo the VM30 in YOUR HOME. See thread for more details.

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    Looks more like a D'Appolito array riding on a bunch of small woofers to me ?
    I bet it is really good, it is a Polk!

    I bet it images like a champ ?