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I have a 98 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT LTD Sedan with 2 Polk/Momo MM120's in the trunk in a Virtua Technologies Box. It sounds really good on the inside but My car has a Factory Spoiler and on the outside when it is bumpin pretty good you can hear a good rattle coming from the trunk/spoiler area. I Dynamated the trunk but it still rattles. How can i make it a tighter seal on the trunk or spoiler to get it to stop rattling. Thank you.
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    open your trunk and check around the outside edge of teh weather stripping. There may or may not be rubber bumpers there that align the trunk when it is closed.

    hey should be adjstable by twisting them. The rubber bumpers should have a threaded base and of course, left-loosey, righty-tighty. Turn it to the left to raise the height. They will wedge against the trunk lid so that it comes just in contact with the weather stripping but won't rattle on the metal framework of the car.

    Other than that and dynamat, there isn't much else you can do other than lower the volume.

    If your license plate is rattling, goto a Pep Boys or Autozone or even a home depot and pick up some rubber washers that will fit the screws of teh license late. Get 8. a set for behind the plate and a set for infront of the plate. Basically, sandwich the plate between the rubber washers and screw them back into the car to re-mount the plate. That will stop the metal to metal contact that makes the rattling sound. Some cars only have 2 plate screws mounting the plates. It's easy to fix though. Pick up a license plate mounting kit from the HELP! section of your local autoparts store and cut holes to mount 2 more screws. Otherwise, the rubber washers will do nothing. If you aren't sure what the HELP! section is, just ask a part counter jockey to help you out with license plate mounts.

    Other than that stuff, most cars are not sound proofed in the trunk because, it's the trunk. Who cares? They will rattle. Also, in your trunk, you have a friction bar assembly and springs which hold up the trunk lid so it doesn't squash your pretty little noggin when you are diggin' around back there. There is nothing you can do to stop them from rattling and much of your rattling noise will emminate from them too.
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    hey dude...

    my girlfriend has a 98 2.5 impreza RS... did the same thing that yours is doing...

    i dynamatted the hell outa the trunk.. STILL did it...

    if you've got the same spoiler then here is your fix...

    close hte trunk, look at teh rear brake light that is attached to the spoiler... unscrew it...

    cut a really small piece of dynamat to jam in there...

    reattach the brake light...

    get some clear or black silicone caulk and bead over the little space that's been created by the mat... let it dry.

    try it out again 12 hours later and i'll be ya that rattle is now at least cut in half.

    if you properly dynamatted the rest of the trunk as well i suspect you will have little to no rattle at all.

    but that damn brake light made the most noise i've ever seen come outa one little
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