is the 404 enough?

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I'm still in the process of upgrading my pioneer HTIB and the latest addition is the psw404 to compliment the rt25i's and csi30 - still use old surrounds. I was planning on getting the $99 dls and down the road a svs or build one, but there was a decent deal on open box buy at cc, so I thought I'd give it a shot w/some creative financing. I was expecting quite a difference with the new sub, but I'm a little disappointed. I have the old sub sitting on top of it and when I switch between the two there is a difference, but it's not dramatic and I don't think justifying $300. I was hoping to feel the bass a lot more. I can still crank the volume up on the sub amp and at the receiver, but then it starts to thump w/dialoge at low volumes, and the amp does get warm. The sub is basically sitting out in the open as a corner spot isn't really an option. I bought a calibration dvd but it's useless since the dvd remote is missing, so I just used the receiver test tone w/an rs meter. The receiver is a pioneer 510. In the future I plan on getting rti38's or rti70's. I guess my question is will the sub shine w/better mains or am I asking to much from it? Thanks for the help.
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    first thing depends on how long the new sub has ben played befor. subs have a break in time. when i first got my velo it was not that good i thought it was very weak. but after a week the sub hit harder. it all depends on what you want out of a sub. you can get a used sub for 300 that will blow that 404 away. the 404 is a good sub. but i just dont like the polk subs they seem weak. you need to define the sound whatyou have and what you are looking for and you will get alot beter help.
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    I feel like a complete dumbass now. I knew I was missing something so I pulled out the manual to my receiver and read about the 'low frequency accentuator' which cuts out 'ultra low frequencies' on dvd's. You can set set to off, 0 or 10, of course it was set at 10. There's also another setting to keep volume levels equals, avoiding surprises I guess. I turned both of those off and it was like night and day. I have another 3 weeks to decide about the sub, I'm definately happy w/it now and can focus on other upgrades.