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ok I bought 2 MM12's the other day. I didnt buy amp because honestly, i don't know anything about amps or subs. All i know is that in the store, these subs were absolutly sick. I dont want to break my bank account when i go to buy an amp and i dont know how powerful of an amp i need, someone please help me out
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    well... you can debate power requirements all day... you can get away with as little as 350 or so and it'll be allright, but.... you said you bought them because they were "Sick"... so i'm guessin you want them to SOUND SICK AS HELL in you car too... in which case, you need some juice.

    juice being 650 per sub (in my opinion at least). you dont necessarily have to use all that if you dont want to, but its nice to have it so that you can juice them if/when you ever want to.

    i'd look for a high power class D amp... rated power at 2 ohms (wire the subs in parallel -- two 4 ohm subs wired together = 2 ohm load on the amp). there's your subs and amps class 101 for today :)

    my first choice would be the MTX 81000D... 1200 x 1 at 2 ohms (if not more) - $350 ebay / $650 retail (on sale now though i believe)

    Rockford 1000.1 BD -- 1100 or so outa the box... run ya 400 on ebay / 600 or so retail.

    JBL BP 1200.1 ... 1200 x 1 at 2 ohms ... 250 ebay / 500 retail.

    there are many many many other amp manufacturers to look at... Autotek, Planet Audio, Hifonics, and Cadence to mention a few... but if you polled this board that's probably the three that they'd mention off the top of their heads...

    basically u're just huntin for somethin in your price range, wtih good quality / durablility ... manageable distortion... and at least 1100 x 1 at 2 ohms out of the box ... preferably 1200 x 1... (out of the box refers to the fact that many amp manufacturers will rate their amps at a certain power... say for example 1000 watts... then, they will test each amp before actually shipping it to the store, and they will record the test results on a "birth sheet" for you... many major brand amps are underrated... if the specs say 1000 x 1, they come out of the box at 1100 or 1200 or more -- depending on the company. some companies are overated though... hence "buyer beware".)
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