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I am looking at purchasing a new HDTV but one thing I have noticed on serveral models is that there is not enough room on top to place a center channel. I have a CS400 that needs about 12 inches of depth.

I am looking for any creative ideas that anyone might have in mounting the CS400 above the TV. I don't understand why the TV manufacturers don't take this into consideration. I know they the TV have center channel capabilities but they usually do not perform very well.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    I built a stand that is hinged to the wall, behind my tv, and the front sits on my tv with my cs400 on top of that. Build a U, put a crossbar across the front below the two sides, with pads on the front bottom. Hinge the left and right side of the U to the wall behind the tv, center at about a 30 degree angle. This will make a good mount for yor cs400.

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    i have a new sony the 43 inch projection model and my cs400i fits on there fine does not move at all.

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    This is how I mounted my CS245 above my Sony RPTV.

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    I bought the mounts at Lowe's. They have an adjustable swivel. Even though they were meant as wall mounts, they work great this way too.
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    You can also stratigically place the little rubber feet that came with the CS400 in the middle part of the bottom of the speaker with about 4 inches of space between the front and back feet. The feet will then sit on the top of the TV and the speaker will overhang the set front and back. You actually want the speaker face to be a bit forward of the set anyway so you won't get sound reflections off the front of your set.
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