GNX104's internal volume questions

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I am currently in the process of building an enclosure for two GNX104's for my '91regular cab Ranger. Based on my dimensions, with 3/4" mdf, my internal volume will be .58 cu. ft. per chamber. How will my subs perform in this enclosure, as i know the specs say .66 cu. ft. Could I get away with using 1/2" mdf for more volume? I also considered fiberglass, but l don't know what an optimum thickness would be for strength, and whether there would be any advantages of using it in my situation. Any ideas?
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    If you go smaller than the recommended the size, you are going to cut off your frequency response range prematurly. You also drop your low end extension completely so all you will have is a dull thumping with extended low notes.

    Try expanding the box design 1 inch in each direction, if you haven't built it yet. If it's built. stuff it with polyfil to kind of trick it into being a larger box. Polyfil slows down the air movement and soundwaves inside the enclosure so that it seems like the box is larger than it is. The problem there is, you don't get as much oomph in your sound so you low notes aren't as strong. You will need to run more power to make up for it.

    Basically, if you haven't built the box yet, rethink your design so you can get as close to the .66 cubic feet as you can.
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