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I was told that it is not too good to go past 12 o'clock on the volume of the PSW404 Subwoofer.

I feel I get the best Bass at about 3 o'clock. Is this OK?

I feel nothing is coming out of my sub at the half way mark.

It is a GREAT sounding Sub at 3 O'clock, I had it for a week, how long is the break in and at what volume??

Thank you
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    Ya - what is BASE.
    You can also turn up the db level of the subwoofer via your DD reciever to compensate for having to crank the sub. If this sub is fairly new - give it some time to break in also before "cranking" it.
    I know of four people who have blown this sub which tells me that it can produce good low freq's.
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    LMAO! The base of Bass is to spell Base as Bass when Bass is what the Bass addict is talking about...?
    Damn you all, damn you all to hell.......
    I promised myself
    No more speakers. None. Nada. And then you posted this!!!!
    Damn you all! - ATC
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    MJD, I left my Sony receiver settings at default and my 404 volume at 10:30 position. I have no shortage of bass at all. I suggest your check your receiver settings.