The Ford Escape

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I noticed in the Ford Escape that Polk did, that you have the two MM120s facing each other.

Are they phase inverted? I would think that they would cancel out each other when they face each other. Do they?

- Steve
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    Actually, we were surprised by how well it worked. I put the subs there mainly to show them off- they're at eye level (or close to it), and being in the window both the front and rear of the woofer can be seen. Neither is turned out of phase, if one was I think that would kill the bass completely.
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    Hey Tom... I was wondering if you could provide me with a little support. I have looked at both of your ford escape installs and really like them. I own a 2003 Suzuki SUV and would like to do a similar install. I already have the rear bottom panel made to house 2 amps(1 4 channel for the highs and 1 sub amp to power a mm124) What i would need some help with is how did you make that fiberglass mold on the window that houses the sub? Did you fiberglass over the factory panel or make one from scratch? I have some basic knowledge already and just need a little help....THANKS

    BTW: Keep up the awsome work man.

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