LSi15 - A Premium Home Theater Surround Speaker!!!

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Those of you who have been reading me for the last few months know that I've been tweaking my Home Theater system here and there. The addition of the SDA SRS's for front speakers was a huge improvement (they replaced SDA 1C's). The replacement of the SDA CRS+'s by a pair of LSiC's was a great improvement imaging-wise. The LSiC's project voices a couple of feet in front of the speaker plane and they are more detailed in the very highest frequencies. Also, the LSiC's present a lower visual profile. The bulkiness of the CRS+'s was not aesthetically pleasing.

The SDA 1B's shown above served well for surround speakers. However, putting a good pair of SDA's in the rear stage of a home theater system is something akin to sacrilege for a true SDA Cultist. I wanted to replace the 1B's and put them to better use where their sonic and imaging properties would be better utilized. The 1B's were sent to the master bedroom system.

For three weeks, I tried using a pair of LSi9's for surrounds. The 9's integrated well with the rest of my HT speakers. However, I was missing that "sonic weight" in the rear stage that the 1B's gave me.

Next, I tried a pair of LSi15's and my search was over.

I do not like surround speakers that are placed high on the walls to the side or rear of my seating position. The tweeter of the LSi15's is at just the right height on the sides of my listening position. Like my LSiC's and LSi9's, the fit and finish of the LSi15's was flawless.

The LSi15's are an excellent timbre match for the SDA SRS fronts and LSiC centers I am using. It seems I'm going to have to rename my System Showcase entry to "SDA-LSi Shrine".

In the future I'll add a digital TV and progressive scan DVD player, but I'm not in a big hurry to do so. I'll wait until they (60 inch and above screens) come down (way down) in price. The picture I'm getting now is very detailed and crystal clear. The Avia setup and calibration disc was a big help in optimizing my picture quality.

By the way, for you 2 channel music buffs and die-hard SDA Cultists, I did do a listening comparison of the LSi15's to my SDA 1C's before the 15's were installed in the HT system. The thread will be posted soon and will be titled "LSi15 vs SDA 1C: Six of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other".:cool:
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    I envy you! *mouths hits the floor, drools* *walks away as mouth slides across the floor leaving drool trails of saliva.)
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    Looks good raife. I'm looking forward to your "Six of one, half a dozen of the other" report.
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