melting fuses

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i put in a fuse... turn on the stereo and then a few mins later it blows... i have a earthquake amp, 2 polk ex12's and a cap.
help cause ive been looking for a solution and i cant find one... i thinking im just gonna buy a few hundred fuses:D
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    well what is the power rating on the amp? take the RMS power of the amp at 2 ohms... divide that by 10... that is the size of the fuse you should have....

    so you got a 1000 watt amp, divided by 10 = 100 amp fuse you need.

    figure out what yours is... if you're putting in fuses that are too small then that is why they're blowing...
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    couple of reasons you may be blowing fuses....
    1) most obvious is a bad ground.
    2) something shorting..maybe pinched during install
    3) improper connection with the amp/cap- seen this before
    4) as vinnie said(dodge) wrong size fuse
    5) too small of a ground 0r legth could possibly do it too.

    best thing to go over every bit of the install 2x to besure all is right....if that fails..may be a bad amp...wich with a possibility:rolleyes:
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