Extends to 18 Hz

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Give War A Chance
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    Cool basshorn!
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    If Dr. Suess had an audio system, this would be it.
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    And here is the other end of the spectrum!


    for $420 you get:


    Classical style and high class design
    Pearl white body matches the atmosphere of your home, shop, or office.
    Treble quality CD player with built-in compact amplifier
    Compact size suitable to be placed almost anywhere such as rack, shelf and bedside
    Large capacity phonograph style speaker projects rich and clear sound
    Simple and easy to use operations
    Automatic Power-saving Off function
    Repeat mode
    Download Marantz ED-5 Images

    Amplifier section

    Max output capacity: 6w (EIAJ)
    External input terminal: Phi 3.5mm stereo mini- jack
    Power source voltage: AC100V and 50/60Hz
    Power consumption (electric supplies safe method): 19W
    External size: 172 (W)
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