To improve 2 channel - Best $500 DAC?

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Ok, same theory differnt box from my previous CD question. I'm very open to skipping the CD player and instead adding a (probably used) DAC in the same $400-500 price range. So I'm looking for suggestions on one of those to add to the system.

Two I've got my eye on thus far:

Cambridge Audio DACMagic 2
California Audio Labs Sigma II (tube)

For reference the Sherwood Newcastle CD player I've got has Burr-Brown PCM1702K 20 bit D/A chip in it now.

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    try MSB tech but I don't think you will hear much increase over your Sherwood... that is a great DAC and Transport IMHO.

    I just recently purchased an Audio Research DAC5 and it is GREAT. I have done alot of comparisons between the DAC5 and my Cal audio CL20 and did not hear much difference other than the DAC5 is smoother on the Lows. The big difference in performance was comparing my h/k 520 against the DAC5 and all I can say is WOW the h/k can't touch the DAC5.

    The MSB is very cool in that you can upgrade that sucker at Will.
    Cal Audio IMHO has a great line of products and whatever you get you will be happy.

    Have fun and Good Luck

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