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hey everyone, i have a 2002 Tahoe and i am installing a pair of MMC6500s in the front of my car. I want them to be in the stock location. Do i need a speaker bracket for these to fit and will i need an adapter so the window wont hit it? and also does anyone know where I can buy the stock speaker grill for my car? thanks
2002 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 4x4:
Kicker ZX250.2
Polk MMC6500
Pioneer TS-A1681R
Dual Kicker 05CVR124
X-File XR8002
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    I had an O2 Hoe...
    6.5"s fit perfectly in the stock location front doors
    tweeter can be a bia though- I took out the stock ones and made my own bracket for the tweeter

    I did modify mine to get the oversized 6.75" (really 7") 98 series Diamond Hex in there. Plenty of room for the xovers in the doors too!.

    Modified the center console- had a dvd player and an 8" sub down fireing off a punch 40iDSM- oh...those were the days- dang thiefs...

    anyway...good luck.
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    As long as the new speakers are the same size as the original ones, all you have to do is pop them out and screw in the new ones. Easy easy. However, they also make speaker adapter brackets (I think crutchfield sells them) so that you can mount different size speakers in a stock location. All just a plug and play application.