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I have been enjoying the system my wife and I bought for our christmas gift (rm7200/free 202 sub, Panasonic cp72 dvd, Panasonic sa-he200 receiver). I am happy with the sound but like everything you always want more. I'm looking for very crisp and defind mid. My room is 19'x25' the walls are plaster (the house was origanaly built in the early 1900's). The speakers that came with the 7200 package are performing well but just seems that the room can use more. The primary use is watching movies and in some the center seems to overwelm the front surrounds even after using a sound level meter is this common with some movies?
would a seperate amp help with the speakers performance?

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    Not being an expert and not knowing a lot about your rig it's pretty hard to make any observations. I'd say power isn't neccessarily the culprit. Setup and room acoustics are probably more your issue.

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    1) How and where are the speakers located?
    2) Go buy (or borrow) the AVIA guide to home theater and an SPL meter from Rat Shack and properly set your speaker levels.

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    My speakes are, center right above tv on wall, each surround is in the corners of the room on the wall 3' above listening position pointing toward center of room. We sit aginst the rear wall 20-23' from tv. I've always figured that the center of the room would be the best but can't seem to get the wife to move the couch. The angled shape of the speakers made it perfect mounting inside the corners unless they are not to be mounted that way I'm not sure. I drove a nail in the corner and mounted them. If I add fx's or 9's would they dround out these ones? or am I getting to carried away.

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    I forgot to mention that I did buy a meter and set the speakers to the same db. I haven't bought a avia guide disc yet is there any benafit to the disc compared to the set-up in the reciever?
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