Does banana jack/plugs need insulation?

freddietsangfreddietsang Posts: 1
I just got myself a Yamaha HT receiver, a pair of R50 and other surround speakers as my Christmas present. I used banana plugs for all the connections. Just as I think the set up is done, I realise that all banana plugs (metal) are exposed.

Do I need to use plastic insulation for those banana plugs? What is going to happen if they get shorted? Say my cat playing with it while the speakers are turned on real loud. Or simply the terminals get shorted.

Thanks in advance.


  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 44,970
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    As long as the plugs are in their respective places they will not come in contact with each other. If your cat (I have one) is playing with the wires, shoot it! j/k

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