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Does anyone own or have an opinion on these speakers? My local dealer is dropping Martin Logan and Boston for KEF and KEF Reference. A friend of mine works there and is offering to sell me the Aeons for $750.00 each. Also the Center for $650.00. Has anyone heard this set-up. I'm working on the basement and this would work with my budget.
I have already ordered A rotel rsp-1066 and a 1070 amp to go with my 1075. so I think power won't be a problem.

I have 2 weeks to get them and my RT system is all but sold. So any info is welcome.
Also has anyone heard the new Infinity Kappa 600's. He has ordered 30 pair of them for the store and is willing to sell me those cheap too. His partner says they are his favorite new speaker and to wait. With the Lsi's being such a damn good speaker this is becoming a tuff choice. Thanks Mark
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    I have heard the Aeon speakers and the center channel. I think that the speakers sound good for what was being played on them (classical/instrumental music), but I don't know how that translates into realistic sound for HT. For the price that you're getting them for, I'd grab them in a heartbeat. If I remember correctly, those Aeons retail for a little over 2k each and the center is $1300.

    Hell of a deal I'd say.......If for nothing else, those Logans to me have a lot of the WOW factor.............
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    are nice little speakers. I listen to them fairly frequently at a friend's shop, where I bought my Prodigies.

    Martin Logan essentially has different speakers for different sized rooms: if you have a smaller listening room, the Aeons could be great as mains - if you like the ML sound. In my HT, they would be great; in my 2 channel room, they'd be way too small.

    I can't imagine not liking that sound - the more I listen to them, the more I enjoy my Prodigies. Will you like it? Since you're getting a pair of $3,000.00 speakers for 50% off, I don't think you can go wrong - if you find you can't live with them [and they are picky about the room], you can sell them for $2,000.00 fairly easily. You might find, after getting everything dialed in and setup properly, that you will never consider going back to a box speaker.
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    My question to you is did you listen to them?

    The Aeons aren't that good at 3 grand.I love Martin Logan,when the Aeons came out,I thought this would be my way into Martin Logan at a fair price.There is in my opnion something wrong with that speaker.It just never sounded right to me.I have listened to there entire line,except the new Clarity's.Which I'm hoping they are nice.They are at a price point I could easily get into.The Scripts are at the same price point but don't make for good main speakers,they are basically rears.Very good ones I will add.
    Your Rotel amps will drive Martin Logan,Not exactly what I would use for Martin but it will work.Martin Logans are one of if not the hardest speakers in the world to drive.They consume alot of power from the amp.Krell makes Martin Logan come alive.We had the Home Theater Standard setup on Martin Logan and Man,that was one of the very best sounding REAL sounding theaters I had ever heard.My god you just gotta experience Krell with Martin god what I rush.
    So Mark did you hear them yeat?What do you think?
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    I have not been able to hear them yet. The listening rooms are being remodeled at there store. I did call today and my brother and I are going to go up and listen tonight. My friend is going to put a system together with ML and those new infinitys. I'm also thinking I will take my RT system and see if I'm doing the right thing. I would love it if my System changes some attitudes about Polk. I will let you know. Mark
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    Well I am going to buy LSi's. The ML are sweet but not with my rotel amps. My brother did buy a pair for his dinning room, which I think is a great place for them. If I was doing a 2 channel system like him I would buy a pair. My focus is on the theater now.
    I also wanted to let you guys know that the Infinity Kappa 600's I heard last night were the best I have heard from them. The cabinets were Furniture grade and very detailed in the sound.
    The thing that keeps me with Polks is the CS and the new Lsi's are a speaker I believe will keep me happy with Theater and music. Since I don't want 2 systems right now. This is the right thing for me.
    Now do I keep the 1200 or get the new 808?????
  • mark g. nelson
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    I most likely will keep the 1200 even if I do like the 808. I am selling my large RT system to fund the new basement stuff, and I will pull my RTi 35's and CS245i out of the bedroom and use it with the 1200 in the family room. I won't use the family room as much with the basement, but I want to be happy with it when I do. Anyway my wife likes to use that system when cooking. She plays Hunt for red october almost every weekend.

    And she wonders why I had to fix the crack in the stucco on the outside wall by the 1200.
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