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I have the older model cs400, Is the new version csi40 have any sound benefit over the cs400?
My HT set-up Panasonic front proj, 120 in ws screen, ATI amp,Integra 9.8 pre-pro, 2 Polk rti150, cp 1000, 4 fx 1000, Pioneer blu-ray 2 SVS sub pb 12-ultra 2, & Paragon popcorn popper. ps 3 Coaster leather HT recliners.
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    The CSi40 has improved midwoofers, a new tweeter, different cabinet and an extra power port. I'm pretty sure the difference is mostly in the higher frequencies due to the silk tweeter. I can't say if it has sound benefits over the 400 because I've never heard the 400. It really depends on whether you like the tri-lams or silk tweeter more.

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