effect of open car windows and spk.pwr. hndling.

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I am wondering if a door speakers power handling ability is effected when they are used with the door windows rolled down as compared with them rolled up. I would like to know if this might be the reason why I blew one of my DX3065 component mid/woofers. The cause being the more closely equalized pressures on the front and backside of the woofers cone when the windows are rolled down. As compared to creating a more sealed box effect on the frontside of the woofer cone when the windows are rolled up.
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    Well, I don't want to try to sound like an expert here, but I'll be the first to say that I can't imagine that it would make any difference at all. The volume of air "trapped" in the car with the windows up would be so large that any effect would be tiny.

    When you say "blew" do you mean you burned out the voice coil? Or damaged the speaker by over-excursion? Either way, I think the only difference having the windows down would make is that it might cause you to crank it up a little too much.
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    Isn't this a Car Stereo thread?
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