what to do about fronts speakers?

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I am currently building a home theater system piece by piece(I know , what a mistake but budget constraints being what they are.....) and would like advice on what to do about replacing current fronts. I have an older(circa 1982) pair of baby Advents I am using as my fronts that sound great as stereo speakers(playing CDs, radio) but seem to fall short when watching DVDs/videos. I have a Polk CS175I center and two Polk MII3s as surrounds, no sub yet but am going to get a Polk 350. What Polk fronts(under 500$ a pr) would match or blend well with this setup? I have a Sony STR DE825 Receiver/Amp pushing a max of 110w a channel. I have tweaked distances and size setups on the rears(M3s) to keep them from overpowering the Advents. I humbly and eagerly await the intelligence of this forum. Sorry if this is way to verbose.
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