2 PSW303s ?

Recently I have started a home theater project in another room of the house that includes a Toshiba 42HDX82 16:9 HDTV projection unit. Also I have a surround sound system I just bought from Circuit City that includes a RM6700 5 speaker set with a single PSW303 sub and this system uses an Onkyo SR 500 5 x 65 watt at 8 ohms receiver with Dolby Digital 5.1 and pro logic II with pre amp sub out set to crossover at 120 HZ and plugged into the unfiltered RCA jack on the back of the sub. The system is set up following the recommendations in the manual with the rear speaker high on the rear wall facing each other and the sub against the front wall in a corner. The room is 12’ 6” x 13’ 6” and is closed. And by-the-way it sounds GREAT!

Now my question. I would like to have a little more, bottom end. I know I don’t need it but, I want it anyway. I noticed that the 3 db down point is 35 Hz on the 303 although I would guess this is a conservative rating. I want to keep the system clean and not “muddy” things up or mess up a good thing. Also I think the 8” driver matches well with the 5 satellites. Would a second PSW303 placed on the other front wall give me a little more punch and depth? I have heard that a second sub will play 3 db louder (dah) and also 3 db, or more, deeper depending on placement. If that’s true one more of these little puppies would give me some serious sub sonic performance. Or should I just leave well enough alone. Anyway I would value the opinion of anyone with experience with 2 subs.
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    Hey there JD.

    Your system setup sounds very similar to mine (RM6700, PSW404, and Onk SR600 reciever). Granted I don't have two subs, I opted for the 404 for the 10" 200 AMP power. The real question I have to you is, do you notice a difference in how the system sounds considering how you have it hooked up? IT seems that everyone here at Polk and the manual suggest that you hook up the sat's to the sub and run the speaker line option rather than the LFE port connection through the Onkyo Sub-Out. I've tried the setup both ways and feel that the Polk recommended hook-up method sounds a bit better on the ears.
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    If you add a second sub, stack it directly on top of (or place it directly next to) the first sub. Co-located subs will give you a 6 dB increase in output, and will provide the flattest bass frequency response.

    Separately located subs more often than not actually interfere with each other, and create multiple standing waves and associated nulls in the room that conspire against obtaining a flat FR at the key listening positions.

    If the -3dB point of the PSW303 is 35 Hz, then you should see an in-room -3dB extension point of about 32 Hz, with a very steep trail-off below that point.

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